Doctor Vinod Kumar

Vinod KumarDr Vinod Kumar is responsible for co-ordination, documentation, and delivery of expert scientific, technical and problem solving services, associated with all aspects of field experiments, to the Institute's academic staff, students and visiting researchers.\

In particular, Vinod works closely with the Institute's senior academics and other technical staff to ensure the smooth operation of the EucFACE facilities.

Vinod is responsible for coordination and management of activities at the EucFACE site, including organising access to the site by staff, students and visitors, conducting OH&S training, and organising schedules for measurement/sampling campaigns. 

Vinod comes to HIE with a background in agriculture and plant protection having completed his BSc (Honours) Agriculture and MSc Horticulture, majoring in areas of soil science and plant physiology. Vinod completed his PhD (Plant Protection) at the University of Sydney in 2008, where he studied the "constitutive and elicitor induced defence in rockmelon (Cucumis melo L) against fusarium fruit rot and powdery mildew pathogen".

After completing his project, Vinod worked as a Technical Officer within the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Before coming to HIE Vinod has been working as a Professional Officer technical, at Plant Function Biology and Climate Change Cluster (C3) at University of Technology, Sydney.

Vinod has experience in managing research laboratories and coordinating activities in a research context.  

Selected Research Articles and Presentations

Hill R, Larkum AWD, Prášil O, Kramer DM, Kumar V, Ralph PJ, (2012) 'Light-induced dissociation of antenna complexes in the symbionts of scleractinian corals correlates with sensitivity to coral bleaching', Coral Reefs, DOI 10.1007/s00338-012-0914-z

Doblin M, Murphy K, Kumar V, Ralph P, Ruiz G, (2010) 'Using Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) to track coastal runoff', Australian Marine Science Association 2010 New Waves in Marine Science - Abstracts

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