Doctor Pushpinder Matta

Simmy MattaDr Pushpinder Matta is the technical officer responsible for laboratory based soil, plant and other biological analytical techniques and instrumentation. Pushpinder joined HIE in 2013; prior to taking this position she held a role as Research Officer with NSW DPI (State Forests). With NSW DPI, she worked on land use change (pasture to pine plantation) impact on soil carbon sequestration and dynamics. She was also involved in evaluating the fate of biochar carbon under laboratory and field conditions.

She obtained her PhD from Punjab Agricultural University in 2008 and her PhD investigation explored the effect of Bt-cotton on soil chemical and microbiological parameters. She completed her M.Sc. in 2004 and her master's research investigation was on the long-term effect of organics and inorganics on microbial population and nutrient availability under Rice-Wheat System on an acid Alfisols.

Technical expertise

Experience with a range of instrumentation and analytical techniques used in soil, plant and other biological analysis as well as experience in calibration, maintenance and documentation for the operation of instruments and experimental procedures.

Areas of Research/ Teaching Expertise

Soil carbon sequestration and dynamics, biochar carbon, soil microbiology, soil chemistry and fertility

Selected publications and conference proceedings

Matta P, Quilty J, Singh BP, Cowie A, Singh B, Adam M, (2012) 'Assessment of autotrophic and heterotrophic soil respiration in 'paired' pine-pasture land uses in Australia', Soil Science Conference Tasmania 2012

Singh BP, Poon LF, Quilty J, Matta P, Cowie A, Singh B, Adams M, (2011) 'Quantifying the impact of conversion of pasture land to Pinus radiata plantation on soil carbon stocks and dynamics', The CCRSPI Conference, Melbourne, Australia, February 15-17, 2011 (Poster presentation)

Quilty J, Singh BP, Matta P, Singh B, Cowie A, (2011) 'Pinus radiata afforestation impact on soil carbon sequestration and dynamics', Rural Climate Change Solutions Symposium, University of New England, Armidale, May 3-4, 2011 (Oral presentation)

Quilty J, Matta P, Singh BP, (2011) 'The impact of afforestation of pastoral land with Pinus radiata: Soil carbon stocks and dynamics', Climate and Soils Symposium, NSW Department of Primary Industies, West Pennant Hills, September 21-22, 2011(Oral presentation)