Doctor Marcus Klein

Marcus KleinDr Marcus Klein is a Senior Technical Officer responsible for the technical support of research projects requiring molecular techniques and technologies.

He is in charge of the daily management of various support services within the PC-2 laboratories to ensure that the needs of academic and research staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students are met efficiently. He assists with the design, the implementation, and the analysis of complex experiments and is responsible for the operation of an Applied Biosystems capillary DNA sequencer. Further, he assists with work health and safety matters and with the management of laboratory assets.

Marcus came to the Institute in November 2012. In his previous role at the Unversity of New South Wales School of Civil and Environmental Engineering he has conducted applied environmental research using a wide range of molecular and traditional lab methods. Marcus has a PhD in Molecular Genetics.


  • Molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, environmental engineering
  • Laboratory and asset  management, risk assessment, biosafety
  • Methods development/optimisation/troubleshooting

Recent Publications


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