Doctor Andrew Gherlenda

Andrew GherlendaAndrew Gherlenda is the Senior Technical Officer responsible for the operation of the campus based, climate controlled growth facilities at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment.

Andrew obtained his PhD from Western Sydney University in 2016 where he investigated the effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on insect responses at the individual and community trophic levels in controlled glasshouses and at the EucFACE research site. Andrew completed a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Science (with distinction) in 2010 and a BSc (Honours) in 2011 where he explored the role nutrient addition has on insect responses in a Eucalyptus planation. Andrew was awarded the prestigious University Medal in recognition of his achievements in his University studies.

Technical Expertise
  • Operates and maintains glasshouses, growth cabinets and other plant growth infrastructure.
  • Provides instructions and advice on safe use of the growth facilities.
  • Assists with the design and implementation of experiments.
  • Manages environmental data from growth facilities.
  • Provides support for research staff and students.
  • Insect rearing, pest management
Areas of Research/ Teaching Expertise

Entomology, insect immunity, climate change, ecology, plant-insect interactions, agronomy


Book Chapter

Facey SL & Gherlenda AN, (2016) 'Forest invertebrate communities and atmospheric change'. in Global Climate Change and Terrestrial Invertebrates (in press) (eds S.N. Johnson & T.H. Jones). John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK


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