Angelica Varhammar

Angelica VarhammarAngelica Vårhammar is a Technical Assistant in Plant Ecological Physiology. She provides support for research activities aimed at advancing fundamental knowledge of forest tree responses to climatic change, particularly impacts on eucalypt forest trees in Australia under the auspices of the ARC Discovery Project entitled; "Is physiological flexibility of forest trees constrained by home climate in a rapidly warming world?" (opens in a new window)

Angelica joined the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in 2014 after completing an MSc at Lund University, Sweden. Her thesis explored the uptake and effects of metal pollution on Australian saltmarsh plants, in collaboration with researchers at University of Newcastle, Australia. Prior to this, she completed a BSc at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, including a thesis investigating temperature responses of photosynthesis in tropical montane tree species in Rwanda.

Angelica's background also includes over three years of experience as a research assistant, working mainly on research projects in the fields of plant physiology, ecology and conservation.

Technical Expertise

  • Provide research support for academic staff, honours and postgraduate students, including experimental design, planning, implementation and completion of plant ecological physiology experiments.
  • Maintain the day-to-day operation of climate change experiments, including maintenance of scientific instruments and cultivation of plants in controlled environments (glasshouses and other climate change research facilities).
  • Assist with collection and analysis of plant physiological and growth trait data as well as processing and laboratory analysis of plant and soil samples.


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