Stable Isotopes Workshop 2018

Event Name Stable Isotopes Workshop 2018
Start Date 6th Jan 2018 9:00am
End Date 13th Jan 2018 4:00pm
Duration 7 days and 7 hours



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Scope & Approach

The use of stable isotopes to decipher and monitor biosphere processes continues to expand. Greater accessibility, portability, speed and sensitivity of analytical instruments is allowing for wider uses and for explorations of previously difficult to study system.

This course is directed to post-graduate students and post-docs with biological/ecological backgrounds who are interested in applying stable isotope tools for their research. No previous knowledge of stable isotopes is required.

We will focus on stable isotopes of C, N, H and O in and their dynamic interactions within the biosphere, soil and the atmosphere.

Learning will be structured around lectures by specialists and hands-on, student-led projects with direct support by course instructors. There will be opportunities to visit and use HIE’s world-class field experimental facilities as well as a short excursion to the Blue Mountains National Park


Instruments available for individual/group projects include:

  • Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer for online measurements of  δ13C in CO₂.
  • Picarro CO₂ cavity ring-down spectrometer for C (δ13C) in CO₂  and in methane.
  • Picarro H₂O cavity ring-down spectrometer for oxygen (δ18O) and hydrogen (δ2H).
  • Los Gatos Isotopic Water Analyser for oxygen (δ18O) and hydrogen (δ2H).
  • Los Gatos Isotopic CO₂ Analyser for δ13C and δ18O of CO₂ in air.
  • Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for C and N in solids


The course will take place at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in the Richmond Campus of Western Sydney University. A tuition cost of $1300 will cover workshop cost, accommodation and meals. Accommodation is on campus.


Booking and registration is by invitation only.


You can make payments through the University's OneStop system (opens in a new window). Please note the following pricing applies and bookings will be checked for compliance with agreed pricing.

Eligibility Pricing:

1. Full Tuition (covers all workshop activities, accommodation and meals) = $1300AU inc GST

2. Tuition without accommodation (covers all workshop activities and meals; please pay this sum if you will not be staying on the offered accommodation on campus, that is, if you reside in Richmond) = $1000 AU inc GST

3. With partial scholarship (covers all workshop activities, accommodation and meals; please pay this sum only if you have been notified you have been awarded a scholarship) = $650 AU inc GST