Research Week 2017: Flowering Plants, Us And The Environment

Event Name Research Week 2017: Flowering Plants, Us And The Environment
Start Date 23rd Oct 2017 5:30pm
End Date 23rd Oct 2017 8:00pm
Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes

Red rose

The Beauty and Poetry Of Flowers

Could you imagine a world without flowers?

The importance of flowers to us, other animals and to the plants that bear them should not be understated.

This series of informative and entertaining presentations will explore the meaning of flowers and flowering plants from a diversity of viewpoints and disciplines.

Researchers from across Western Sydney University and partner organisations will consider everything and anything flower related.

We will take a look at their beauty and their purpose; from the role of flowers in our cultural life, the interactions between flowers and pollinators, to an exploration of the flowers themselves.

Hosted by Dr Tamara Watson.

Please join us for talks followed by drinks and canapes at:

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A Special Seminar Event On Research In Flowers: Their Colours, Their Roles In Society And Their Benefits In Our Environment

Run by the Western Sydney University School of Social Science and Psychology and the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, we invite you to join us at Parramatta South Campus on Monday 23rd October for a fun and inspiring evening of talks on the different ways that flowers bring colour, food and fragrance to our lives and those of countless insects and animals.

Speakers include:

Mr Matthew Carroll

Introducing the 202020 Vision Project

Matt Carroll, otherwise known as Hortiman, will speak about the range of exciting projects and synergies to be found across the horticultural and floral industries.

In particular he’ll introduce the 202020 Vision plan lead by Horticulture Innovation Australia: "ONE BIG COLLABORATION TO MAKE OUR URBAN AREAS 20% GREENER BY 2020".

Matt is incredibly active in the horticultural community, running a number of social media interest groups, event listings and promoting the beauty on offer in Australia's nursery, garden and flower industries.

Matt Carroll aka Hortiman
Dr Chris Cazzonelli

The Green Thumb Behind Flower Power: Touching colourful pigments that provide micronutrients for human health

Carotenoids are natural pigments that provide leaves, fruits, vegetables and flowers with distinctive yellow, orange and some reddish colours as well as several aromas in plants.

Chris will speak about the importance of carotenoids in agriculture, food, health and the cosmetic industries.

He will introduce research involving the integration of new genome editing technologies with traditional breeding programs to enhance carotenoid biofortication in crops and perhaps even brighten opportunities to engineer new hypercolour flowers.

Dr Chris Cazzonelli
Dr Paul Rymer

Flowers In A Changing World

Climate change is putting natural ecosystems and primary production under pressure resulting in shifts, decline and in some cases collapse.

Flowers and pollinators are critical for the seed reproduction and crop yield that support natural and human systems.

This talk presents research on how climate change is impacting on plant flowering times, floral resources and pollinators, and discusses the climate adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Dr Paul Rymer

Dr Tamara Watson

Nature's Fine Art

If there is a universal aesthetic then flowers must be the embodiment.

Flowers exist to attract pollinators to assist in the reproduction of plants.

Their powerful beauty has certainly woven its spell over humans, prompting us to fly entire jumbo jets filled only with cut flowers around the world on a daily basis.

Through the lens of neuroscience, this talk will examine how flowers weave their spell over us.

Dr Tamara Watson
Aunty Fran Bodkin

Aunty Fran will be sharing the story of the Flannel Flower. This story encapsulates the scientific significance of indigenous knowledge and the cultural significance of all flowers.

Aunty Fran Bodkin

Royal Agricultural Society Horticulture Committee

On display will be a photographic exhibition of the history of the Flower and Garden Pavilion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


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