'Data Analysis And Visualisation With R' Course


Current offerings:

We anticipate offering another workshop during 22-26 April, with registrations opening in late February or early March. To be notified of registration opening, please complete the form at the link under 'Future offerings'.

Cost (per workshop):
> WSU students - $100 inc GST
> WSU staff - $150 inc GST
> External academic (students) - $500 inc GST
> External academic (non-students) - $750 inc GST
> Corporate - $1500 inc GST

Future offerings:

To be determined. To receive advanced notice and priority registration for the five-day introductory workshop or any other topic, please go to: https://forms.gle/nPG5vXLdmjhPRQAAA 

Do you want to take your data analysis skills to the next level?

The R statistical computing environment has become a standard for scientific data analysis, visualization and reproducible research.

At the HIE, we offer an introductory course to help you climb the steep learning curve.

This five-day course is aimed at postgraduate students and staff, and is for newcomers to R, as well as intermediate users.

The course covers

  • Basics of R (data entry, manipulation, tabulation, special data types)
  • Visualisation (basic and advanced plotting of data)
  • Statistical analyses (basic statistics, linear models)
  • Project management (workflow and organization, principles of reproducible research).

The course will consist of short lectures with ample time for hands-on exercises.

The exercises are set up with different levels: more advanced students can work on more difficult problems.

We assume that you have completed some introductory statistics course at university level, but no previous programming experience is required.




Basics of R (Chapter 1 & 2)


Special Data Types (Chapter 3)



Visualizing Data – Part 1 (Chapter 4)


Basic Statistics (Chapter 5)



Summarizing and Tabulating Data (Chapter 6)


Linear Modelling (Chapter 7)



Functions, Lists and Loops (Chapter 8)


Visualizing Data – Part 2 (handout and web resource)



Project Management and Workflow (Chapter 9), Extra Topics


Time to work on own data, or self-study of a variety of additional topics.


  • Professor Jeff Powell

Class Resources:

The following resources are available for this course:

Event Contact

For all inquiries please contact Prof Jeff Powell on jeff.powell@westernsydney.edu.au.

Course Presenters

Event Details

Delivery - Online or In Person

(to be confirmed during registration)


9.30am - 4.30pm


All pricing includes GST. WSU staff and students will need to provide a valid staff/student number.

Introductory Five-Day Workshop
WSU students - $100
WSU staff - $150
External academic (students) - $500
External academic (non-students) - $750
Corporate - $1500

Advanced Topics Workshops
WSU students - $40
WSU staff - $60
External academic (students) - $200
External academic (non-students) - $250
Corporate - $500

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