Real-time data (RTD)

Real time data (RTD) plays an import role in environmental monitoring. Real time data is usually made available for the user immediately after collection. In this section, we provide links to RTD collected by Sydney Catchment Authority, Bureau of Meteorology, Department of Primary Industries, Hornsby City Council and Manley Hydraulics Labs.

Temperature, salinity, turbidity, Chlorophyll-a and rainfall data (opens in a new window)Calabash Bay, Courangra Point, Gunyah Point, Laughtondale, Bar Island
River flow and level data (opens in a new window) (go to Rivers and Streams section on the left hand side)Data available for number of sites across the Hawkesbury River basin
Dam levels (opens in a new window)All major dams in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment
River heights for the NSW Central Coast (opens in a new window)Various river in Central Coast including Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers
Water level data (opens in a new window)Spencer, Gunderman, Sackville, Ebenezer, Windsor, Freemans Reach, Castlereagh