Community collected data

There are number of community and school based water quality monitoring initiatives in the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment. However, the data of all these programs are not publicly available. By involving water quality monitoring programs, communities can experience problems and issues related to water quality first hand and raise the voice on future management issues of the river system. This information is also a valuable asset to obtain a snapshot of the water quality in a particular region. We encourage organizers of community based water quality monitoring programs to contact us and make arrangements to share this information with others.

River Ecology Program (Brewangle Environmental Education Centre)

This program has been running since 2009. Here we provide water quality data for 6 parameters, namely temperature, alkalinity and acidity, dissolved oxygen (as saturation percentage and concentration), electrical conductivity and turbidity. The sample locations varied considerably over the years and exact location may be anywhere 400 metres downstream of Sackville Ferry. 'X' axis has a number relevant to unique sampling event on a given day and 'Y' axis indicates the water quality parameter with units.

Please note that this data has been collected by high school students (most were doing this for the first time) for educational purposes. To see a brief snapshot of their data and what is means read the Pulse of the River report for June 2014.

For more in depth data and graphs please see Data Collected by Brewangle Environmental Education Centre (2009-2013) (PDF, 114.22 KB) (opens in a new window). Please note the validity of this data is very low.