About the Study


This Australian Research Council funded, multi-year project examines parents' perspectives regarding the inclusion of gender and sexuality diversity in school curriculum across public schools in Australia, and also seeks to understand how parents of gender and sexuality diverse children (or those perceived to be by others) navigate their child’s experiences in school.funded, Although there has recently been much in the media about addressing gender and sexuality diversity in school education, very little is actually known about what parents think is appropriate for their children to learn at school, at what level such knowledge should be conveyed, how it should be conveyed (if at all) or who should deliver this information.

Specifically, the aims of this research are to:

  • Provide national data about parents' perspectives regarding the inclusion or exclusion of gender and sexuality diversity in public school curriculum and practices.
  • Examine the stories and experiences of parents/carers of gender and/or sexuality diverse children, focusing on their navigation of, and engagement with, state school systems.
  • Write, develop, implement and film a performed ethnography for use as an online educational resource. This resource will share the findings of the study in a user-friendly manner.

Why do we need a study of this kind?

To date, no large-scale research has been conducted in Australia that examines parents’ perceptions of gender and sexuality diversity- related content inclusions in school curriculum.

Current Project Status

The data collection period for this research has concluded.  Thank you to all individuals who have participated.

The research team is currently conducting analyses and writing for publication.  Please see the above link to Outcomes/Publications for more information on our publications and other related work.

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