RSVP Payment for graduation

What is your RSVP Payment? To complete your graduation registration and receive your official documentation you must make your attendance or in absentia payment (RSVP Payment) through the Onestop payment system.

Paying your fees before the advertised deadline ensures that you will receive all your documentation on the day (if you are attending your graduation ceremony) or mailed to you in the weeks following graduation ceremonies (if you are graduating in absentia).

IMPORTANT: Onestop is your own account (not a University system and not linked to your student account). If you have not used OneStop before you will need to create an account to make payment. To view your historical payments via OneStop, log into your OneStop account and click on 'past payments'.

As your OneStop account is not a University system, we are unable to confirm your payments or provide receipt details.;

What if I don't pay by the due date?

If you do not pay by the attendance fee by the the advertised timeline you will automatically graduate in absentia.

If you nominated to graduate in attendance but don't pay by the advertised deadline, the University will assume that you are not attending your graduation ceremony and you will automatically be graduated in absentia. You won't receive your documents until you make your graduation RSVP payment for in absentia (more information below).

If you pay the attendance fee and change your mind to graduate in absentia after the advertised deadline, a $20 administration fee will be charged. If you require a refund you will need to make your request in writing to Refunds will only be processed two weeks following the graduation ceremonies.

After the deferral deadline your documents will be printed. If you want to defer your graduation to a different round you will need to do so before the deadline listed on the Graduation Deadlines page. For more information about deferring your graduation please go to the register to graduate webpage.

Important:  If you are purchasing your own regalia from external company, please ensure they meet the requirements of Western Sydney University, there are many that advertise they are "official suppliers" of our regalia.  The following are not official suppliers of our regalia - Churchill Gowns, Gown Town, Gowning Street - these may result in you having to purchase additional items as they do not meet our requirements.

If you nominated to graduate 'in absentia' (Post documents)

Your documents will not be mailed to you until the RSVP - Graduate 'in absentia' (Post documents) payment has been received by the University.

If you pay on time, your official documentation will be posted in the first mail out after graduation ceremonies conclude.

Due to the large number of students who graduate in absentia, students who pay after the cut-off date won't have their documentation posted until after the first mail out has been completed. This may take up to one month after the conclusion of the graduation ceremonies.

RSVP payment attending options

If you have applied to graduate in attendance you have two options.

1. Attending graduation (hire regalia)
The cost is $130 and this includes:

  • Regalia hire
  • Four guest tickets
  • Light refreshments for yourself and your four guests

    Your testamur and AHEGS will be provided to you at your ceremony

To select this option, go to Onestop

2. Attending graduation (purchase regalia)
This payment option allows you to select the items you wish to purchase (trencher, hood and gown).
You also need to manually select the $65 compulsory attendance fee which includes:
  • Four guest tickets
  • Light refreshments for yourself and your four guests

    Your testamur and AHEGS will be provided to you at your ceremony

Important Make sure you have selected all the correct regalia pieces as well as the attendance fee. If you don't order all pieces of regalia you may be disappointed on the day as orders are packed before the graduation ceremonies begin. We do not carry large amounts of stock to accommodate any incorrect orders.

To select this option, go to Onestop.

Individual cost of each regalia item





Gown $550.00 $247.50 $231.00 $231.00
Hood $110.00 $110.00 $88.00  
Trencher (hat)   $20 $20 $20
Bonnet (PhD only)  $140.00    
Stole     $71.50 (including certificates)
Full set - total $800.00 $377.50 $339.00 $322.50

You can find out more information about regalia, including using already owned regalia, on the regalia webpage.

RSVP payment in absentia (Post documents)

If you are not attending your graduation ceremony you need to select the RSVP - Graduate in absentia (Post documents) option in Onestop. This fee covers the cost of posting your testamur and AHEGS. The fee is different for postage within Australia and for postage outside Australia.

The graduate in absentia fees are:

  • $30 for postage within Australia
  • $55 for postage outside Australia

Important Please be aware that if you graduate in absentia, the Chancellor will still confer you in your absence during the round of graduations. Your documents are posted after the graduation round is complete. You will not receive them before the graduation ceremonies are held. If you are not attending your graduation you can still purchase regalia and have it sent to you after the ceremony. Go to the regalia webpage for more information.