Attending your ceremony

Find out more about graduation services available on the graduation memorabilia webpage.

What to wear

All graduands must wear full regalia provided by Western Sydney University, including a gown, hood or stole, trencher or bonnet, which you can purchase or hire.

The regalia will look best if you dress in smart attire. Due to the formal nature of the day, and of the regalia, we recommend you dress as if you are attending a formal job interview or business meeting. For example, a collared shirt is practical because of how the gown sits and is appropriate for the importance of the day.

The experience of walking up stairs and crossing a stage in front of a large number of people can be both exciting and nerve racking. To help alleviate any anxiety you may feel, we recommend you dress comfortably, and consider shoes that are easy to walk in and not too high.

Thongs/sandals, t-shirts, mini-skirts and casual attire are not recommended.

Remember that photos taken on your graduation day will always be treasured by you and your family.


Western Sydney University - The Ian & Nancy Turbott Auditorium (building EE), Parramatta (South) campus, corner Victoria Road & James Ruse Drive, Rydalmere, NSW, 2116.


Parking on the Parramatta (South) campus will be limited. We recommend that you park on the Parramatta (North) campus and catch the free shuttle bus to the Parramatta (South) campus. If catching public transport to Parramatta Station, shuttle buses are available (approximately every 25 minutes) from Parramatta City campus (169 Macquarie Street, corner of Smith Street).  For more information about travelling to the campus visit: Parking in yellow and blue bays is free during graduation. Parking in red bays is restricted. To avoid a fine, please park in yellow and blue bays only.

Arrival and registration in Building EB

You must arrive and register at Building EB no later than 1.5 hours before the beginning of your ceremony.
If you have not registered by this time, you may not be on the attendance list for inclusion in the ceremony.

Family and friends must wait outside building EB while you register. You will exit through the same door you entered.  Please note, you must have your Student ID card or another form of photo identification with you for registration.  Registration includes:
  1. Receiving your seat allocation for the ceremony
  2. Being fitted with your regalia (hire only for June event)

Please note: - graduands that arrive after the commencement of the ceremony may not be permitted to participate - guests need to arrive approximately one hour prior to ceremony commencement to collect their tickets from you and be ready to enter the auditorium 1/2hr prior to ceremony commencement

Seat allocation

You will receive your graduation seat allocation and receipt of regalia return slip when you register. This slip includes the following details;

  • Your seat number for the ceremony – this is allocated by your course and in alphabetical order. Unfortunately we cannot change where you are seated as your details for the announcer and documents have been sorted in this order
  • Your ceremony number – to ensure you are in the correct ceremony
  • The type of course you are graduating from – to ensure you are dressed in the correct regalia

Note: you must scan your regalia back in at the end of the ceremony or you will incur a minimum $500 charge for non return of regalia, returning regalia is in Building EB.

Regalia fitting

After you have registered you will be fitted with your regalia by Silver Rose staff members. 

Please note: hired regalia must be returned no later than 1 hour after the conclusion of your ceremony.

No purchase regalia available for June event.

Guests tickets

There is a maximum of 4 guests permitted per graduate.  These are emailed to you upon payment of attendance and regalia hire. Please do not bring additional guests on the day as they will be turned away.

Any requests for additional guests will be declined as there are many factors taken into account to ensure a pleasant day for all graduands and their guests (regardless of ceremony size). Please note the following additional information about tickets:

  • Once scanned in, cannot be used again
  • Livestreaming now available
  • Guests must be at the auditorium entrance door no later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony and will be seated shortly after, you must have the scan code ready for entry
  • Guests  that arrive after the ceremony has commenced may not be admitted to the  auditorium, or will be admitted once the ceremony has commenced
  • To show respect for all graduands, guests are requested to remain in the auditorium until the ceremony has finished and the graduates have exited
  • Fire regulations do not permit walkers in the auditorium. These will be moved outside the door once the guest is seated and will be brought back in directly to their  seat when the ceremony concludes
  • Strollers/prams and capsules are not permitted inside the auditorium and must be left in the foyer with security
  • Children of any age will require their own seat/ticket, the number is based on the number of actual bodies entering the building. Small children and babies in attendance must be cared for by a guest of the graduate and are not permitted to sit with the graduate during the ceremony.
  • No food or drink  will be permitted in the auditorium

After you're registered

Once you have completed the registration process, you will meet your family and friends outside building EB, exiting through the same door you entered. You can then make your way to the auditorium.

Graduands (you) must enter the auditorium 30 minutes before your ceremony starts so you can be seated in the correct seat and watch a short demonstration on how to cross the stage. Please note, if you're running out of time, photos can be taken after your ceremony.

Doors will open for guests once all graduands have been seated.

Children and strollers/prams/capsules

Graduation is a family event and children are welcome, however please bear in mind that ceremonies can last for 1.5 hours and may not be considered captivating by younger children. Small children and babies in attendance must be cared for by a guest of the graduand and are not permitted to sit with the graduand during the ceremony. Children of any age will require their own seat/ticket, the number is based on the number of actual bodies entering the building. For safety reasons strollers/prams and capsules are not permitted inside the auditorium and must be left in the foyer with security.

The ceremony

The ceremony will be held in Auditorium Building EE and will take approximately 1.5 hours

During your ceremony you will be asked to stand as graduands and your award will be conferred. You will then be called, row by row to await individual presentation in sequence. A University staff member will complete a final check of each row. It is important that you remain in your allocated seat to ensure your name is called in the correct order.

On the day, we will provide you with a demonstration of the protocol for crossing the stage.

If you are unable to attend your ceremony due to illness or misadventure, no future opportunity for a ceremony is available.  If you wish to request a refund of your graduation fees (which will include a $20 administration fee deducted) please complete the ‘Graduation refund form’ at

Regalia return in Building EB

Out of respect for your fellow graduating students requiring regalia hire, you must return your regalia no later than 1 hour after your ceremony. You must ensure you are scanned back in as proof of regalia return or you will be charged the full purchase price (minimum of $500) for non return.

Alumni and graduation feedback

Alumni services will facilitate your ongoing involvement in the university community. After you graduate, Alumni will send out an email asking you to update your details so they can stay in touch.