Replacement Testamur

A testamur is the legal certificate confirming you are a recipient of a degree from Western.

It includes your name as recorded in MySR, the name of the program you completed (your award), the name of any majors (where applicable), any class of honours, awards with distinction and the date of conferral.

The Testamur is signed by the Vice-Chancellor and is an official Western Sydney University degree document.

It can be used to demonstrate your qualifications to employers, industry, education institutions and professional bodies or associations and is recognised worldwide.

The University will issue one original testamur for each degree that you complete, there is only one to be in circulation at one time.  You are unable to have multiple copies of your testamur.  If a replacement is ordered the original will be void and the details recorded.

Academic documents are available to be ordered via the Academic Document ordering system.

Replacement testamur

You can only order a replacement testamur (degree certificate) if your original has been lost, stolen, damaged or if your name has changed.

Your hard-copy replacement testamur will be produced in our current testamur style and the testamur will clearly indicate it is a replacement.

Lost or Stolen

If your original testamur has been lost or stolen and you need a replacement, you must complete a Statutory Declaration, have it certified by an authorised signatory and email a copy to

Information about who can certify a document can be found on the Certifying Documents page.

Please note: your replacement testamur (issued on the grounds of being lost or stolen) can only be issued in the name that appeared on your original.

The Statutory Declaration should include the following information:

  • The name and addresses of the award recipient, title of the award and the date the award was conferred
  • How the testamur was lost, stolen or damaged

The Statutory Declaration form must be certified by an authorised signatory, and must include the statement "I undertake that if the original Testamur/s is/are found I will return the replacement Testamur/s to Western Sydney University within seven days".

You can find a template and details who can witness your document on the Service NSW Governement website


If your original testamur has been damaged and you need a replacement, you will need to destroy your original testamur and provide evidence to the University before we can issue a replacement.

Please take one photo of your damaged testamur and a second of it torn up/ destroyed and send both as evidence to

If you are unable to take photos of your damaged testamur then you must follow the instructions outlined under 'Lost or stolen'.

Change of Name

If you want to order a replacement testamur with a different name than that displayed on your original testamur, you must complete a Change of Personal Details form and submit it to Student Services Hub along with any required certified documentation before you place your online order.

Please print and send a copy of your order receipt and your original testamur to:

Graduation Team
Western Sydney University
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith NSW 2751

We are unable to send a copy of your replacement testamur (on the grounds of change of name) until the original copy is returned.

For information on processing/delivery times please refer to the academic document terms and conditions.