Program completion letter

A program completion letter confirms that you have completed all your course requirements and are eligible to graduate (pending final approval from the School) or you have already graduated.

This order will be processed based on the information showing on your student record at the time you place the order. You are only eligible for a program completion letter if you have met course requirements and have no outstanding fees, If that is not the case, your order will be put on hold and checked periodically for completion. If you have had a recent change to any information on your student record including grade, name etc, please do not make an order for 48hrs to allow time for your record to be updated.

We do not produce documents for UWSIC, please speak to your administration directly  
Prior to making an order, If you are a current student, please check your course completion status - if the status states incomplete this may be due to you finishing your course contrary to course rules.  If you believe you have completed all requirements please visit your Academic Program Advisor and if you are contrary to course rules they will need to lodge a WesternNow ticket to have your record reviewed, approved and updated.

IMPORTANT;  NESA  have changed their requirements NSW wide. If you are wanting to move to your provisional teaching please order the Course Completion Letter - NESA package only - DO NOT ORDER THIS COURSE COMPLETION document as it will not have the details required by NESA.

If you have not yet graduated and require a document for the Bachelor Pathway to Teaching NESA require a conferral date which is only available once you have graduated.  As a result we do not have any documents that will fulfil their requirements until you have graduated. We apologise for any inconvenience.

What is a program completion letter?

A program completion letter is a letter that may be required by an external organisation to confirm a student has graduated or completed the necessary requirements to finish their degree and is eligible to graduate pending final approval from the School Academic Committee.
  • Students need program completion letters for reasons such as:
    • To provide evidence of completed qualification to prospective employers while waiting for graduation
    • To meet admission requirements at other educational institutions
    • To meet immigration requirements

    Program completion letters are not required unless you have a request for one from an external organisation.

An external organisation has requested I provide a course completion letter, am I eligible to apply for one?

If an external organisation has requested you provide a program completion letter, you are eligible to apply for one if you have completed your course or are about to receive results from your final session.

* To send your documents to WES electronically, you will need to place an order and in the "Recipient Name" section please enter your WES Reference Number so that WES is able to identify your application and use the email address

* To send your documents to the Law Board, you will need to place an order and in the "Recipient Name" section please enter your LPAB Reference Number so that LPAB is able to identify your application and use the email address,

* DEC (not for Master of Teaching), you will need to place an order and complete using all your details including email address. Once you receive the document and download it you will then need to email it to DEC. DEC will not open the document if sent directly to them.

* To send to CGFNS international - order the eTranscript - once you receive the eTranscript link, download the file and attach the downloaded file in and email it to School of Nursing and Midwifery (

* AHPRA only accept hard copy documents, please order the hard copy document direct to AHPRA

* Master of Teaching students (recently completed and seeking provisional teaching accreditation) - NESA have special requirements for their letter which has resulted in a new letter just for NESA (is not valid for any other institute - resulting in a bundle to include the NESA course completion letter containing additional information required by NESA, such as your study session dates and study load each session, as well as the month you are expected to graduate in. This bundle also includes the regular course completion letter. Both letters will be mailed to the address provided in your order.  You will also need to order a DEC e-transcript which will put your order on hold and released once the course completion letter is processed.

To be eligible for this letter please ensure the following:

  1. You have completed all course requirements within the Master of Teaching.
  2. You have no outstanding fees or fee related encumbrances.

What information will be included in the program completion letter?

All program completion letters will include the following information:

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Course code
  • Award title
  • Campus Location
  • CRICOS code (for international students only)
  • Course requirement met date – when student records were completed on Western Sydney University systems
  • Session start date – start of course as per the official Western Sydney University academic dateline
  • Session end date – end of course as per University academic dateline
  • Conferral date (for graduated students) – official graduation date
  • Part time/full time student
  • Campus Location
  • Language in which the course was delivered (English only)

What are the different types of program completion letters?

  • Domestic student course completion letter
  • International student course completion letter
  • Graduated students course completion letter
  • NESA approved completion letter for Master of Teaching - combined letter package only available

How much does a program completion letter cost?

A program completion letter costs $35 for postage within Australia and $50 for postage outside Australia.
NESA package program completion letters are $50 within Australia and $65 outside Australia (this package includes a letter approved by NESA and the original course completion letter accepted by other employers and immigration)

Processing and Delivery

Processing of your program completion letter is dependent on the time is takes to assess your application. Timing may vary based on circumstances.  Documents are only processed and posted twice a week.

Assessment may take (this does not include postage time):

  • 28 working days (from results release date) or more if you order your letter before your final results release or your student record needs to be assessed by the school
  • approximately 21 working days if you order your letter after your final results release and your student record is able to be complete
  • approximately 14 working days if you order your letter after you have already graduated

We endeavour to process your program completion letter as quickly as possible.

Your document will be sent via either Registered Post (if your postal address is within Australia) or EMS Courier (if your postal address is outside Australia). We will send it to the address you provide when ordering the document and you will need to be present at that address to sign for the delivery.

Please allow at least five to ten business days for Australia Post delivery on top of the above processing period. Overseas destinations may take longer.

How do I apply for a program completion letter?

If you are you near to completing your course and would like a program completion letter you will need to make payment through the academic document ordering system (opens in a new window) .

Once payment is received, your student record will be sent to the school for assessment. Program completion letters can only be issued once your final results are released and your completion status has been confirmed by your School.

Have you already graduated?

As your record has already been assessed, you only need to make payment through the academic document ordering system (opens in new window).

How to pay for a program completion letter

First time users

If this is your first time using the new ordering system, you will need to create a user account.

Go to the academic document ordering system (opens in a new window).
Select 'Create Account' on the right side of the screen and enter the required information including your:

  • student ID number (if you are a former student and have forgotten your student ID number, please email
  • date of birth
  • last name (family name) – this must be the name you used when you enrolled at the University
  • your first name (given name) – this must be the name you used when you enrolled at the University

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address once you have registered successfully. Once your account is created you will be able to make orders online and track the status of your orders.

Placing an order

Login to the academic document ordering system (opens in a new window) using your account details as per the above.

Step 1: Accept the terms and conditions
You have to accept the terms and conditions before you can place an order.

Step 2: Select document/s and order details
Choose which document you want to order by clicking on the document thumbnail or the document description You will then see the 'Order Details' page.

Read the product summary carefully to make sure you are ordering the right document.

Depending on the document selected, you will need to enter the details of the order including your address, recipient details and course details.

Click the 'Continue' button when you have finished.

Step 3: provide consent
This is where you consent to the release of your information. Please read the information carefully.

Step 4: payment
You can review your billing details and change them if necessary. Once they're correct, click 'Next'.

Step 5: review order and finalise
The 'Review Order' page will ask you to confirm the details of your order. This is the last chance you have to review your order before making payment, so check all the details carefully.

Once you've confirmed your order is correct, you will automatically be taken to Onestop. This is where you enter your credit card details and finalise your payment.

Please take note of your order number, which will display once the order has been processed.