Academic transcript/record

An academic transcript/record is the formal written record of all study undertaken at Western Sydney University or Western Sydney University The College.

This document contains the academic record at the time of ordering, including subjects and result.

We are unable to separate the transcript/record, and no subjects are able to be removed including fail grades.

Academic documents are available to be ordered via the Academic Document ordering system.

NOTE: We do not produce documents for UWSIC or English Language Programs, please speak to your administration directly.

Completed Transcript

If you require a transcript that states you have met program requirements (and you have not been conferred) you can order a program completion letter in the first instance and once you have received notification that has been processed, then order your transcript.  If you order and your record has not been completed by administration (regardless if your degreeworks states 100% this is not showing your record is complete)  your MySR has to state complete) there will be no refund issued.

Alternatively, you can order a transcript once your award is conferred.

Check your student record prior to ordering

Please check your student record before ordering and ensure all the details on your record are correct. If there are any discrepancies, please contact your School. If you have just received an updated grade you must wait 48 hours before ordering your documents to allow for the system to sync your details.

Change of Grade, Change of Name or any change to your student record

If you have had a change of grade, change of name or any changes to your student record please wait 48 hours until you order a transcript.

If you do not wait, your transcript information will be incorrect and you will be required to place a new order. No refund will be provided if a transcript is ordered within 48 hours of a change on your record.

Electronic copy vs Hard copy?

Hard copy and electronic versions of your transcript are available.

The following institutes will only accept electronic transcripts, (please do not order a hardcopy)

  • WES
  • The Law Board
  • DEC/NESA (this electronic version of the etranscript should only be ordered by those students who have a completed status or graduated status and have completed the full Master of Teaching Program.  If you are in your last session of your Master of Teaching Program you can order and it will sit on processing until you have completed the Program.  No other students should be ordering this transcript.

Hard copy transcripts are printed and posted to the nominated address.

Electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) are provided via MyEquals 

Electronic transcripts are only valid in Electronic Form

For information on processing/delivery times please refer to the academic document terms and conditions.