Award Verification Service

If you are unable to find a graduate using the Award Verifications Service please use the below form to submit an enquiry to the Graduation Team.

If the information is available, you will receive a screen shot of the student details from the Award Verification System.

If additional information is required above that provided by the Award Verification System, please refer to details at the bottom of the form under 'Please Note'

The more information you provide below, the more likely the Graduation Team will be able to find the graduate.

Personal information of graduate

E.g. 2003 to 2005

Please note a $55 fee may be applicable as below. Payment can be made through Payments

Contact information of requester

*denotes required field

Please note:

The Graduation Team will only provide the student's name, award title and conferral date.

If additional information is required, you need to provide written consent (not more than 60 days old) from the graduate to comply with New South Wales privacy laws. You will also need to make a payment of $55 to seek additional information above that provided on the Award Verification System (student's name, award title and conferral date).

Prior to paying this fee and requesting additional information, please be aware we are only able to provide the following details:

  • Verification that the details on scanned academic documents are as issued by the Graduation Team and as per the student record. The only documents able to be verified are a Testamur, Transcript, AHEGS or Course Completion Letter, as issued by the Graduation team.
  • If a form is to be completed, only the graduation details will be completed (that being, student name, award title, conferral date and generic graduation email address).

We are not able to provide further personal details of the student, including enrolment details and date of birth.