Master of Research Students

Develop your knowledge and capacity for research and make an impact on society

The Master of Research (MRes) is a two-year postgraduate research training degree. It is an internationally recognised qualification that will make you competitive in achieving your future academic and career aspirations.

Stage 1 of the program involves intensive coursework where you will engage with your peers and academics in an interdisciplinary environment. The coursework is designed to help you build your skills as a researcher, master the art of knowledge translation and develop a strong research proposal. You will undertake these subjects while also working within your discipline of choice to develop deep knowledge of both theory and research methods.

In Stage 2 of the program, you will undertake your own research project under the supervision of an academic who is a specialist in your area of research. Your project will focus on the development of a 25,000-word thesis that will be externally examined.

Why should I study the Master of Research?

The Master of Research will give you:

  • Global mobility in education and work aspirations
  • An internationally recognised qualification
  • Opportunity to work with leading researchers
  • Capacity to achieve in a research environment
  • Advanced research training skills and knowledge

The Master of Research provides you with the necessary educational experiences and expert knowledge to enable a confident approach to PhD studies and your future career.

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