Annual Progress Reports

The Annual Progress Report provides a direct signal to your School or Institute that highlights your achievements, identifies any problems that are impeding your candidature and details your plan for completion.

You will be contacted by the Graduate Research School via your student email with advice on how to complete your report using the online Annual Progress Report App (ORSPA) (opens in a new window) system. All continuing candidates must complete an Annual Progress Report and failure to return your report may jeopardise your enrolment.

The Annual Progress Report includes both a Candidate's Report and a Supervisory Panel Report. These reports contain:

  • a summary of work undertaken in the last 12 months, or since commencement,
  • a timeline and plans forward to completion
  • comment on progress in relation to expected completion,
  • comments by the supervisory panel.

In cases where an Annual Progress Report indicates that your candidature is not progressing as well as expected or if progress is considered unsatisfactory, your School or Institute may recommend a series of specific actions to correct the situation. These actions will need to be performed within set timeframes and are subject to further review.

In rare circumstances, the School or Institute may request the termination of a candidature as a result of the Annual Progress Report process.

Annual Progress Reports will also be considered if candidates apply for leave or an extension of candidature.

It is not uncommon for research candidates to experience problems during their candidature, however, there are resources and assistance available to support you. The completion of your Annual Progress Report should not be the first point at which you and your supervisors realise there is a problem. When issues arise, it is expected that both candidates and supervisors will take active steps to rectify them with the support of the School or Institute HDR Director.

Note: Australian Postgraduate Awards – Industry (APA/I) candidates must also complete an Australian Research Council (ARC) Report. The Graduate Research School will contact you if an ARC Report is required.