Go Global News, August 2021

New Caledonia Research Cooperation

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has compiled information for Australian research bodies interested in establishing or enhancing their own relationships with New Caledonia, and to build on Australia’s research cooperation relationship with the French Pacific territory. It may be of interest both in terms of the level of capability in New Caledonia, as well as a potential entry point to access French and wider EU research networks and collaborations.  Some research fields of potential mutual interest might include mining, marine management and conservation, water governance and tropical health.

Contact details for each institution are included in the New Caledonia Research Bodies document, however if you have general questions on collaborations or New Caledonia as an education market, contact Mr Lindsay Emeriau, Policy Officer, lindsay.emeriau@dfat.gov.au

Discussion on Global Development (UK and Europe)

On 18 August the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Enterprise and International) and Pro Vice-Chancellor Global Development (UK and Europe) held an information and discussion session focusing on Global Development in the UK and Europe.

Staff are being sought for connections, opportunities and interest in the UK and Europe to take part in group online discussions about potential partnerships in Education, Research, Industry and other areas to help inform Western Sydney University’s emerging Global Development (UK and Europe) strategy.  Find out more.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is the co-development of a shared syllabus by two or more instructors from geographically distant locations. Developing a COIL can enhance your current unit and complement existing learning abroad opportunities. Unfortunately developing a COIL can sometimes be complex and time consuming. To support you in developing a COIL, some organisations have experienced practitioners that can support you during planning, implementation, and assessment. Dr. Anitha Ramanna, the of Head Programs and Instructional Design at Authentica can help you define, customise and implement a COIL exchange between Western students and students enrolled in universities in India. Authentica envisions this exchange to be a great way to internationalise the classroom at a time when travel is restricted and also enable Faculty to enhance the online classroom experience of students. There would be no cost to engage in this exchange and Authentica will facilitate this free of charge. For advice and information contact Dr. Anitha Ramanna anitha@authentica.com.

Authentica is a Preferred International Partner Provider (PIPP) of Western Sydney University.

The Go Global Portal

In the past year Western Sydney International has implemented a new application system that is dedicated to international mobility experiences. The Go Global application portal is a 'one-stop-shop' that is integrated with Callista (soon Banner) and provides dedicated webpages for all offshore experiences, applications, reporting to Schools, Senior Executive, Government and more. It is also considers risk management and ensures that students comply with a number of policies and conditions, both Government and University. The system is for all NCP and non-NCP programs and is utilised throughout the Learning Abroad life cycle. If you are considering or currently implementing a student mobility project, contact Western Sydney International's Go Global team for more information.

NCP Highlights

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Land of the Asian Tiger

Dr Simi Bajaj from the School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences in partnership with Authentica will be taking students to participate in a unique virtual study experience in Vietnam. Students will engage with academics and professionals in Vietnam where they have interactive learning sessions. Students will also participate in immersive cultural sessions to enhance their cultural sense and awareness. Most importantly, students will work on problem solving projects in partnership with multiple companies in Vietnam which will contribute to their studies. Currently 14 students are participating in this experience, commencing on the 11 September.

Note, Authentica is a Preferred International Partner Provider (PIPP).

Ms Grace Borsellino from the School of Law is leading Law students in a virtual study tour in Taiwan. This unique study tour made possible with Chinese Culture University and Soochow University, our university partners in Taiwan. Students are intensively taught by the partner university where they will engage with Taiwanese academics and legal professionals in the country. Students are gaining direct knowledge of Taiwanese legal system works from visits to Taiwanese courts and stock exchanges. The experience focused on giving students international experience that helps them to be job-ready in their legal pursue. The experience started in July with 21 students participating.

Climate Action Virtual Internship in the Indo Pacific

Virtual Internships have joined forces with Pomegranate Global to offer an innovative Climate Action Virtual Internship program. The pilot program will run for 4 weeks in January 2022 and we are limiting numbers to a few select partners across Australia and New Zealand.  The outcomes of the pilot will be presented at APAIE and NAFSA 2022, along with discussion at the upcoming Times Higher Educational Climate Impact Forum  which is a new event.  Held in partnership with the United Nations, the forum will take place on 28 October just before COP26 (the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference) and will contribute to the fight against climate change.  Please contact katy@virtualinternships.com to learn more.  Expressions of interest are due 30 August 2021.

Note, Virtual Internships is a Preferred International Partner Provider (PIPP).

Partner of the Month: Chuo University (Tokyo, Japan)

Chuo University was first founded in Tokyo in 1885, and was originally known as the English Law School, owing to many of the university’s founders having studied at the Middle Temple in London. The university was later renamed Chuo University, Chuo meaning middle in the Japanese language.  Located in the western suburbs of Tokyo and surrounded by the lush greenery of the Tama Hills, Chuo's Tama Campus offers stunning views of Mt. Fuji and boasts dozens of cherry trees that come into full bloom each spring. Three other campuses are located in central Tokyo with four campuses in all, attracting approximately 26,000 students coming from across Japan and around the world to study.

Semester or year-long exchange programs are available to Western Sydney University students at Chuo University in the fields of International Law, Economics, Commerce, Linguistics, Political Sciences, International Relations, Leadership, Business, and Japanese Language. Your students are strongly encouraged to consider Chuo University as an excellent option for their exchange program. Please check the program brochure  and encourage students to apply:  Semester Exchange at Chuo University in Japan -  Face-to-face (Semester 2.2022).

Chuo University is partner of Western Sydney University. For more information about Chuo University, including potential discussions around academic collaborations, please contact a member of the Go Global team via email goglobal@westernsydney.edu.au

Cybersecurity Experiential Learning

We are yet to realize the magnitude of the cybersecurity problem. Critical infrastructures are becoming more and more vulnerable because the internet was not built to be the backbone of our global economy. Moreover, we are moving towards a society where 1million devices will be connected on a square mile. Raising awareness needs to happen. For it to happen, cybersecurity experiential learning can support the next generation to raise awareness, gain experience  and launch a career in one of the most critical industries of our lifetime.

NEXSTEP is a leading Next-Gen experiential learning provider based in Asia since 2008 offers targeted cybersecurity remote internships and study tours for students to develop awareness, gain experience, skills and connections through cybersecurity micro-learning content, cybersecurity internships mentored by cybersecurity experts, company visits and lectures from seasoned professionals coming from the business, technology, legal, geopolitics and policy lenses.

Nextstep Connection is a Preferred International Partner Provider (PIPP). For more information contact Jerome Le Carrou for more information.

Virtual Internships with CISaustralia

CISaustralia Virtual Internships are perfect for students who want to gain professional experience in their chosen field, work with an intercultural team at an international company and who are looking for an affordable (and environmentally friendly!) program option. Our Virtual internships also provide a range of potential equity and access solutions by opening up a range of new opportunities for students who might not otherwise have been able to attend a professional overseas placement. These internships include ongoing support and supervision, cultural sessions, engaging and challenging projects, and an opportunity to build international networks. We are committed to finding each student a professional and customised virtual internship (unpaid) that matches their career ambitions, and that will help build their resume and achieve professional and academic goals (for academic credit). Placements are available from 4 to 12 weeks with flexible start dates.

CISAustralia is a Preferred International Partner Provider (PIPP). For more information, please visit CISAustralia Virtual internships

Robotics Experiential Learning Program in Singapore

Take your students on a “Robotics Experiential Learning Program in Singapore” with one of WSU’s official third party providers called People & Friends. During this practically-oriented program, your students will gain some industrial experience by applying their Engineering skills and acquiring an entirely new skillset in entrepreneurship. The program features a robotics start-up as the industry partner/client to provide not only a real-world robotics challenge project but also experienced engineers as mentors throughout the learning journey. The students are divided into small teams and learn how to develop solutions for the Singaporean robotics company’s challenge. On the last day of the program, every student team pitches their results in front of the client and receives valuable feedback. Furthermore, People & Friends takes everyone on a variety of cultural activities to experience the diversity of Singapore’s local culture.

If you are interested in developing a program in any discipline, please send an email to janina@peopleandfriends.org. People & Friends is a Preferred International Partner Provider (PIPP) of Western Sydney University.

Australian International Education Conference (AIEC)

AIEC provides a unique convergence of networking, learning and fun into a single package. It will help you grow and challenge yourself. AIEC attracts experts in international education, policymakers from local, state and federal governments and representatives from all major educational institutions and peak bodies. It also attracts experts from other industries, who provide valuable outsider insights and expert commentary. At AIEC, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with people who share the same interests as you. Increase your knowledge by attending sessions that present or discuss best practices, case studies, industry insights, market intelligence, innovative approaches to common challenges and the latest international education trends. Find out more.

Submit Your Proposal for the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the world's largest and most diverse non-profit association dedicated to international education and exchange, working to advance policies and practices that ensure a more interconnected, peaceful world today and for generations to come. The 2022 Annual Conference Committee invites you to submit a proposal for the annual conference in Denver, Colorado! Share your creative workshop, session, and poster ideas for an opportunity to be featured on the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo program. Join us to explore the 2022 theme, “Building Our Sustainable Future,” to chart new paths towards a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow. We will embark on a new journey together to celebrate our diversity and resilience. Submit a proposal and share your ideas on innovative ways to define and build a sustainable future for the field. Session and workshop proposals are due by August 25, 2021. Find out more.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, feel free to contact goglobal@westernsydney.edu.au. Many of the staff have presented on numerous occasions at AIEC, NAFSA, APAIE and other venues around the world.

Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE)

The APAIE Conference and Exhibition brings together thousands of professionals who are passionate about international education from across the globe to the Asia-Pacific region to network, improve professional skills and learn about new developments in international education.  In 2022, APAIE’s program of pre-conference workshops and parallel sessions will focus on the 2022 conference theme of Brave New Realities for Higher Education in the Asia Pacific. Join us at APAIE 2022 and get ready to interact with a diverse group of international education professionals including academics, government representatives, international education peak bodies. Register now

Information for Staff about Learning Abroad

Western Sydney International's Go Global and Study Abroad team provides opportunities for Western students to study overseas (outbound mobility), and for students from abroad to study credit-based semester and year-long programs at Western Sydney University (inbound mobility). Information for Staff about Learning Abroad, including reports, policies, and program development can be found on the Go Global Information for staff webpage.