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Western Sydney University's Go Global and Study Abroad team provides opportunities for students to participate in Learning Abroad (outbound mobility), and for international students to study credit-based semester and year-long programs at Western Sydney University (inbound mobility). If you require further information or advice additional to below, contact

Returning to Travel

While the Australian Government’s recent announcements have undoubtedly been positive for the eventual resumption of normal activities, there are many uncertainties which currently make it difficult to set a timeline for the return of in-country learning abroad experiences for students. Due to the amount of lead time required to design and deliver overseas programs, it is expected the resumption of in-country activities will commence from mid-2022, depending on the host location. In addition, the Australian Government and Western Sydney University have introduced a range of policies that need to be considered, before any travel commences.  If you are currently managing or developing a Learning Abroad experience for students, remote or in-country program, please know that Western Sydney International is working on the 'Return to Student Travel Strategy' in consultation with key stakeholders and detailed information will be made available as soon as the new guidelines are approved by the appropriate channels.

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International Work Experience

Working abroad can be a huge benefit for students including the development of language and communication skills, cultural immersion, creating new ideas, building global networks and more. To ensure a safe, rewarding and quality experience for students, it is important that right due diligence has been completed on the workplace. Western has several channels and requirements for student participation. The following is currently required for overseas work experiences:

  1. Academic approval: students are to ensure the activity is recognised and approved by their School
  2. Student Placement Agreement (ISPA): required with the host organisation – visit the Placements Hub*
  3. Risk Assessment: the student will require the completion of an international risk assessment for the overseas location
  4. Vice Chancellor’s approval:  currently required for all international activities. It is recommended that the ISPA or other evidence including the risk assessment, is attached to the request.
  5. Insurance: email to to confirm insurance coverage. For more information about the coverage see Overseas Travel Insurance
  6. The student registers their international travel on the Go Global Application Portal
  7. *For  international placements only

University and Australian Government Policies

Western Sydney International (WSI) is responsible for the assessment and screening of all proposed international programs and partnerships across the University. By utilising fixed processes, the WSI Go Global team supports project leaders to align their projects with the following University and Australian Government policies and processes:

Student Mobility PolicyInternational Partner ProvidersCritical Incident GuidelinesTravel Foreign InterferenceSexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH)Child Protection Modern SlaveryEnvironmental and Social SafeguardCompliance | Procurement

If you are planning, developing, or implementing in-country or remote/online activity for students, visit the Guidelines for Learning Abroad Experiences.

Go Global Application Portal

All students must registered on the Western Sydney University Go Global Portal Portal, prior to participating an overseas program (virtual/in-country). The Go Global Application Portal is a web-based platform that provides dedicated webpages (brochures) and an online application process for students. The platform is integrated with Banner and keeps a comprehensive record of all mobility projects across the university (in-country or online). Find out more.

Go Global News

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Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

COIL is the co-development of a shared syllabus by two or more instructors from geographically distant locations. COIL is an innovative way to engage students in a shared, online multicultural and collaborative learning environment. Find out more about how to develop a COIL.

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