International Work Experience

Boost your resume with a hands-on experience working for a company, government, or non-government organisation overseas. Many degrees at Western Sydney University provide an opportunity to participate in domestic or international work experience. These are offered as core units (e.g. a clinical or professional experience placement) or as an elective. Find out about your degree requirements, check out the online handbook (opens in a new window).

If you decide to participate in international work experience, eligible students can receive a deferred OS-HELP loan valued up to $7700. New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants are also available for some opportunities (see options below).

How do I participate?

STEP 1: Research an opportunity below and submit an application to the provider

  • Research an opportunity below and submit an application to the program provider
  • It is advised that you discuss the option with your Academic Course Adviser (ACA) or placement coordinator - visit your School website and see 'Contact'

STEP 2: Apply for Academic Approval

  • Many degrees at Western Sydney University have dedicated core units that can be utilised for work experience, or you may wish to use an elective - see the Western Sydney University course and unit Handbook
  • If you wish to use an elective, some of the companies listed below have partnered with an American University and offer a U.S. transcript and award up to 20 Western academic credit points. The transcript will be awarded based on assessment tasks including the successful completion of written academic assignments, evidence of reflective learning, and an evaluation from the host organisation. These companies are highlighted by an asterix.
  • To get permission, you may need to apply for academic approval. Note: this step may not be relevant for some students - consult with your School.

STEP 3: Apply for OS-HELP

You may be eligible for OS-HELP, a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian citizens - loans of $4,000, $6,791 or $8,149 are available. Academic Approval is required; have completed 80 credit points of study, and have 10 credit points remaining on return.

Complete the Online Checklist to ensure you have completed the important tasks before heading overseas including travel insurance.

    1. Opportunities by Country

    Provided below are companies endorsed by the University that are available to assist Western students in finding an internship. Visit their site and browse through the destinations and career fields available.

    Please submit your Expression of Interest directly to the preferred organisation below and follow the steps above. These organisations will assist you with Western Sydney University processes.

    If would like to discuss an opportunity with a member of the Western Sydney University Go Global team, please email or attend a face-to-face Consultation available on Wednesdays and Fridays - book now through our dedicated bookings portal (opens in a new window).










    Hong Kong









    New Zealand

    South Africa

    South Korea



    Timor Leste



    United States


      2. About our Preferred Providers

      Academic Internships Council (AIC)

      • The Academic Internship Council (AIC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to provide high-quality student internships abroad that add value to their academic programs. We share your mission of student growth and achievement—and we have nearly three decades of experience helping academic institutions achieve that mission.
      • Find out more about AIC
      • Information for universities
      • Contact AIC

      ACICIS Study Indonesia

      • The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS – pronounced Ah-chee-chis, as an Indonesian would say it) is an innovative, non-profit, national educational consortium that was established in 1994 to overcome the substantial academic, bureaucratic, and immigration impediments that had prevented Australian students from undertaking credited semester study at Indonesian universities. Today ACICIS runs the Study Indonesia Program (SIP) which consists of a variety of study options in Indonesia and is also open to non-Australians and private individuals. ACICIS currently has 25 Australian member universities (including nearly all of Australia’s leading institutions in the field of Indonesian studies), and two international members in the UK and the Netherlands. It is coordinated by a small secretariat (7 staff) in Western Australia and governed by a National Reference Group consisting of senior Indonesian Studies academics representing all Australian states.
      • Find out more about ACICIS
      • Contact ACICIS

      AIM Overseas

      • Since 2007 AIM Overseas has helped more than 1200 students undertake overseas short courses. These students have come from over 28 of Australia’s 39 universities. We’re committed to working with you to help more of your students have overseas study experiences, without creating huge amounts of extra work for you. Our aim is to establish credit transfer processes with you that are transparent and easy for students. All of our programs are ‘OS-HELP compliant’ and our goal is to help streamline this side of things for you and for students.
      • Find out more about AIM Overseas programs
      • Information for Australian universities
      • Contact AIM Overseas


      • CISaustralia is dedicated to providing Australians (and international students based in Australia) innovative, high quality overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth and developing engaged world citizens.CIS was established in 1999 and has 70+ staff globally, including CISaustralia. In addition we have 30+ on-site directors / coordinators and a multitude of partner and host representatives. Sending approximately 3,500+ students abroad each year, CIS offers diverse and comprehensive programs delivered by experienced and highly trained staff. As a team, we are continually looking for new programs to offer, new opportunities and new ways to do our core business better. We enjoy making things happen and mostly we enjoy seeing our participants experiencing the amazing highs, the freedom, the challenges and the life-changing perspectives that come from seeing the world through new eyes.
      • Find out more about CIS programs
      • Information for Australian universities- customising a program
      • Contact CISaustralia

      CRCC Asia

      • All of our programs offer the unique opportunity to develop professional skills in your preferred industry, whilst also gaining exposure to the individual country's dynamic culture and lifestyle. Since 2008, more than 7,000 participants from over 150 countries have taken part in our internship programs. Explore our website to read blogs and testimonials from past participants and find out more about our international internship programs.
      • Find out more about CRCC Asia
      • Information for universities
      • Contact CRCC Asia

      Intern China

      • InternChina is an award-winning organisation in the International Higher Education sector. Providing funded programmes to universities and government-funded organisations since 2007, InternChina have placed over 2000 students and recent graduates from countries all over the world in China. We aim to be an ethical, transparent and student-focused organisation, with a well-established and enthusiastic team, spread across the UK, Europe and 5 destinations in Greater China. We aim to do things differently in our sector, with off-the-beaten-track destinations, unbeatable value, unrivalled support on place in China and a ‘quality over quantity’ approach.
      • Find out more about Intern China
      • Contact Intern China

      International Studies Abroad (ISA)

      • ISA is a global company, with headquarters in Austin, Texas and satellite offices around the world. With more than 250 employees worldwide and physical offices abroad, ISA is proud to have helped nearly 80,000 students reach their study abroad goals in the past 30 years. Our commitment to each student and the support of our team distinguishes ISA. You can expect to have support at every step of the process – from the moment you apply throughout enrolment and your time abroad. Our team ensures that you get the most out of your experience through the application of our Discovery Model which provides the framework for discovery in 5 key areas: intercultural, historical, sociopolitical, professional, and environmental.
      • Find out more about ISA
      • Information for universities
      • Contact ISA

      Lattitude Global Volunteering

      • Lattitude Global Volunteering (formerly known as Gap Activity Projects) is an international youth development charity.  Our mission is to educate and develop young people worldwide by providing inclusive opportunities for them to make a positive difference to the lives of others through a challenging and structured international volunteering experience in a culture and community different from their own. Through global volunteering, we aim to give young people the opportunity to realise the world beyond their community and to truly engage with it. They are encouraged to develop awareness and responsibilities towards themselves and others, equipping them with vital life skills.
      • Find out more about Lattitude

      Next Step Connections

      • Next Step Connections (NSC) is a leading Global Experiential Learning Organisation and internship placement agency based in Asia. NSC is providing internship and other ‘beyond classroom’ experiential learning abroad programs to help students gain personal development, find their professional path and ultimately reach their full potential. Founded in 2007 in Shanghai, by Jerome Le Carrou and led by a passionate team, who have circled the globe seeking new experiences; NSC is recognized by global institutions, partner companies, and the international education industry as a true specialist in providing safe and quality experiential learning programs to and within Asia. With offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Bangkok, NSC is strategically located at the heart of a region set to lead the world as It is estimated that by 2030, Asia’s economy with be larger than that of the US and EU combined.
      • Find out more about Next Step Connections
      • Custom Internship Program Abroad
      • Faculty-Led Programs & Study Tours
      • Contact Next Step

      People & Friends

      • Our Start-up Experiential Learning Programs are intensive short-term courses on entrepreneurship in Berlin and San Francisco.
      • In our start-up Experiential Learning Programs, students have the chance to become entrepreneurs for 2 weeks. to work on actual problems/challenges provided by start-­‐ups, learn about state-of-the-art tools in various workshops we give in order to help them with their projects, they visit internationally well-known companies (such as BMW, SAP, Google, Facebook) and meet local start-­‐ ups and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they can experience the diverse culture and neighbourhoods the two amazing start-­‐up hubs (Berlin and SF) have to offer by engaging in a series of cultural activities. These include, for instance, a visit at Alcatraz island, a street art tour, the Berlin Wall Memorial, a treasure hunt, secret food tour and a lunch at the revolving restaurant on the iconic Berlin TV tower.
      • We customise our programs for universities who wish for certain topics to be focused on, e.g. social innovation, sustainability, the engineering industry.
      • Find out more about People and Friends
      • Contact People and Friends

      Pollinate Energy

      • Pollinate Energy is a social business based in Australia and India. We bring life-changing products to people who need them most: the millions living in poverty in India’s urban slums. We have a vision of a world where all communities have equal access to life-changing products that improve their lives. To get there, we have five key goals that we are striving to achieve:
        • Expanding our solution to impact as many lives as possible
        • Impacting families living in slums by providing life-changing products, and encouraging manufacturers and service providers to work with us in achieving this mission
        • Creating a movement of social leaders through our Fellowship programs
        • Being the #1 place to work, because we recognise that our people are our biggest asset
        • Creating growth paths for our Pollinators to enable them to take on new challenge
      • Find out more about Pollinate Energy
      • Contact Pollinate Energy

      Project Everest

      • Project Everest is an organisation dedicated to developing sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most complex issues by designing and developing lean social enterprises. Tackling problems ranging from agricultural productivity and food security to sustainable fuel consumption and improving access to clean drinking water, Project Everest operates on the frontline of international development. In an effort to accelerate the development of our operations, Project Everest is looking to involve capable and passionate university students as participants in the Project Everest Social Entrepreneurship Program. Successful applicants will work in teams to design sustainable businesses that solve some of Project Everest’s most pressing issues in either Cambodia, Fiji, Timor Lesté or Malawi.
      • Find out more about Project Everest
      • Contact Project Everest

      SVPI Volunteering

      • SVPI is a non-profit volunteer organisation based in NSW, Australia. Our aim is to provide volunteer opportunities for adventurous people of all ages and levels of experience to participate in ethical community development projects throughout Asia. The SVPI team are all former volunteers and includes senior leaders from our sister organization, CWON (Australia), who have been visiting Nepal and working with locals in community development projects for over 7 years. By staying small and true to our roots we are able to tailor the volunteer experience to enable our volunteers and the communities in which we work to gain as much as possible from the program.
      • Find out more about SVPI
      • Contact SVPI

      The Intern Group

      • The Intern Group is an award-winning, social enterprise that takes top applicants and significantly improves their skills and employability via our international internship programs. Our global team understands deeply how important international professional experience is in today´s job market. We are a global leader in the international internship area: one of the fastest growing segments of the international education industry.
      • Find out more about The Intern Group

      *These organisations have partnered with an American University and offer a U.S. transcript and award up to 20 Western academic credit points. The transcript will be awarded based on assessment tasks including the successful completion of written academic assignments, evidence of reflective learning, and an evaluation from the host organisation. This means you may be able to utilise this opportunity as an elective.

      International Volunteering

      Would you like to go to Costa Rica and participate in Sea Turtle Conservation? Or maybe you like to contribute to Marine Conservation and Dolphin Research in Tanzania. Find out more (opens in a new window).

      Special Scholarships and Travel Grants

      Check out the opportunities that attract special scholarships and travel grants from the Australian Government's and partner universities. Find out more.

      Social Science students

      The Social Sciences International Placement (102174) unit provides third year students enrolled in the B. Anthropology, B. Humanitarian and Development Studies, B. Social Science, B. Social Science (Advanced) or B. Tourism Management with the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge acquired during the first two years of their degree to a 'real world' setting. In 2017 students will spend 12-14 weeks in Nepal, where they will study at Kathmandu University and work with local NGO Clean Up Nepal on various community projects.

      Need further advice?

      If you have any questions, please see Contacts.