Global Firsts Program

Why wait to go overseas until later in your degree?

Head overseas in your first year of study!

Western Sydney University is continuing its exciting Global Firsts, a First-Year Learning Abroad Program. Global Firsts opportunities are exciting, credit-bearing, short-term experiences. They are designed for first-year students who may never had studied abroad before to give them a taste of the experience and benefits that study abroad can bring to yourself, your academic studies and your post-graduation employment.

Global Firsts opportunities - January/ February 2020




Reasons to participate

  • Designed for participation by undergraduate First-Year students (both domestic Australian and international students).
  • Studying abroad is research-proven to lead to positive career, academic and personal outcomes.
  • Grant funding from Western Sydney International covering at least 50% or more of your total up-front costs.
  • Offered in the Mid-Year and End-of-Year holiday breaks.
  • Accompanied by either a later-year Western Sydney University student leader or academic staff member.
  • Exciting destinations on offer such as Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan.
  • Credit-bearing into free electives (subect to Academic Course Advisor / Director of Academic Program approval).
  • Introductory culture, language, international relations and politics units on offer.
  • Pre-departure, in-country and post-return support provided.

How can I find out more and apply?

  • Visit this web page periodically for updates and further information of the programs on offer!