International Short Programs

Provided below are hundreds of subjects available for Western students during breaks. Locations include Oxford, Boston, Cambridge, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and more.

  • The cost of a program may be offset by OS-HELP (up to $8,295 for 2020)
  • $500 Student Mobility Travel Grants are available
  • Academic credit - these opportunities are typically 2-3 weeks and valued at 10 credit points
  • English is the medium of instruction at most locations

Suspension of International Travel due to COVID-19

Western Sydney University has suspended all international travel until a time the COVID-19 situation is resolved. The travel suspension comprises all staff and student work or study-related travel to conferences, exchange programs, site visits, research-related travel, and all student group travel.

Until further notice, the opportunities below are not available for Western students.

1. How do I participate?

STEP 1: Find out if you eligible to receive academic recognition

  • To receive academic credit for your overseas experience, talk to your Academic Course Advisor about credit arrangements and how it fits best with your course structure. Further information about units/subjects for you degree can be found on the Western Sydney University course and unit Handbook or discussing further with your Academic Course Advisor.
  • Note 1: at this point you are not required to apply for Academic Approval – that comes after you provide detailed information about the program. To apply for academic approval, see STEP 3.
  • Note 2: a criterion for receiving OS-HELP (up to $8,295 for 2020 - see STEP 5), is that the overseas program must count towards your degree requirements in which you are enrolled, e.g. work experience, internship hours, or an elective.

STEP 2: Find a suitable opportunity below

  • Research an opportunity found in the sections below and submit your application.
  • Exchange or Study Abroad - what is the difference? 
    • Study Abroad: Programs offered by ACICIS, AIM Overseas, CISaustralia, ISA, Michigan State University, Manchester Metropolitan University, and many others are Study Abroad programs. If you are participating in a Study Abroad program, you pay a PROGRAM FEE to the host organisation or university. Depending on the program, the fee may cover tuition fees (1-2 units), accommodation, meals, excursions, airport pick up, local travel (please check with the individual program to see what it covers). For all programs that are classified as 'STUDY ABROAD', submit your application directly to the program provider and follow all of the STEPS.
    • Exchange: Programs offered by La Rochelle Academy (France), University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA), ESSCA (France and Hungary), Linkoping University (Sweden), and Aarhus University (Denmark) are exchange. If you are participating in an Exchange program, you do not pay TUITION FEES to the host university but continue to pay their fees to WSU by enrolling in special exchange units (upfront or through HECS 1-2 units). Exchange students pay an ADMIN FEE to the host university. Depending on the program, the fee may cover accommodation, meals, excursions, airport pick up, local travel (please check with the individual program to see what it covers).If a program is classified as an 'EXCHANGE' (see Section 3 below), submit an Expression of Interest to Western Sydney International at least 3 months prior to commencement. If a program is classified as an 'EXCHANGE' (see the list below), submit an Expression of Interest to Western Sydney International at least 3 months prior to commencement.
  • Study Tours: A study tour provides a group of students with the opportunity to combine study and cultural immersion, by taking the lessons out of the classroom and into another country. Study tours usually run between 2-4 weeks and offer the opportunity for students to gain academic credit towards their degree. Study tours are usually led by staff at a university and also known as faculty-led or instructor-led programs.

STEP 3: Apply for Academic Credit

  • This step can be concurrent with STEP 2 above
  • To receive recognition for your overseas experience, it is important that you seek advice from your Academic Course Advisor and apply for academic approval at least 3 months prior to commencement
  • For Study Abroad (Section 2) use the credit approval for non-exchange. Opportunities provided by AIM Overseas, CIS Australia, and ISA are Study Abroad.
  • For Exchange (Section 3) use the credit approval for exchange
  • Note 1: There is direct relationship between Academic Approval and OS-HELP. If you are intend on applying for OS-HELP, click on the appropriate link above to find out more about Academic Approval process and OS-HELP.
  • Note 2: If you are participating in an official activity such as a Study Tour, Internship or Placement, please consult with your school/institute about academic credit.

STEP 4: Travel Grants, OS-HELP and more

Visit the Before I Go wepbage and complete all of the important steps. This webpage discusses a number of important topics including OS-HELP, Travel Grants, Health and Safety and more.

2. Opportunities

JULY (Mid-Year break)

World-Wide: Search by Discipline





Costa Rica

Czech Republic



Europe (multi-country program)




Hong Kong










New Caledonia






South Africa

South Korea





United States of America (USA)


JANUARY 2021 TBA (End-of-Year break)

World-Wide: Search by Discipline

South Africa

3. Global Firsts - A First-Year Learning Abroad Program

Global Firsts opportunities are exciting, credit-bearing, short-term experiences. They are designed for first-year students who may never had studied abroad before to give them a taste of the experience and benefits that study abroad can bring to yourself, your academic studies and your post-graduation employment. Find out more.

4. Innovative Programs

Participate in an experiential learning program with a group of students.

Note: To receive academic credit for the above programs, talk to your Academic Course Advisor about credit arrangements and how it fits best with your course structure. Elective units that could potentially be utilised for one of the above experiences is the Global Citizenship and Engagement (available 2020) or International Special Study.

5. Special Opportunities and Scholarships

Scholarships for learning abroad are widely available from a variety of sources. These included opportunities with partner organisations and governments. Activities include a semester abroad, short term subjects at overseas universities during uni breaks, study tours, internships and more. Find out more:

6. Internships Abroad

Boost your resume with a hands-on experience while working and living overseas. Many degrees at Western provide an opportunity to participate in domestic or international work experience. These are offered as core units (e.g. a clinical or professional experience placement) or as an elective. Find out more (opens in a new window).

7. Volunteer Abroad

Would you like to go to Costa Rica and participate in Sea Turtle Conservation? Or maybe you like to contribute to Marine Conservation and Dolphin Research in Tanzania. Find out more (opens in a new window)

8. Semester Exchange Studies

One of our cornerstone Go Global opportunities is the semester or year-long study opportunity, the Go Global Exchange Program. If you want to immerse yourself in another diverse culture (but getting the option to study units completely in English) then one or two sessions abroad as part of your Western degree could be perfect for you. To support the participation in overseas semester and year-long exchange, eligible students can receive an International Exchange Scholarship of up to AUD $1,750 and a deferred OS-HELP loan valued up to $8,295 for 2020. Find out more about opportunities world-wide (opens in a new window)


Feel free to contact the partner organisation and asks questions about your potential experience. If you would like to discuss an opportunity with a member of staff at Western Sydney University , please email or Book a Consultation (face-to-face or via phone).