Project Variations

If for any reason a project needs to be changed, permission is required by the Australian Government. This includes, but is not limited to, the delivery dates, description, type of experience (study tours, work experience, research), host location, School, and project leader.


When submitting a Project Variation, you will be required to provide a Rationale (reason for the changes) and any information about the Costings. The following scenarios present examples of project variations and the likely outcomes of each request.

Example 1

Proposed VariationThe university would like to seek an extension of the completion date for one year in order to make use of the funding to support students going on exchange in Korea. Our partners in Korea have said that they can receive exchange students from our university in 2020/21 and we have committed to offer some exchange places to our Korean partners in 2020/21. We have potential applications to Korea for Semester 2, 2020 which are waiting for study plan approval. We also anticipate that the orientation programs in February, Study Overseas Fair in April and other promotional activities in the upcoming semester will help us to secure more exchange applications for Korea, and to utilise the funding if the completion date extension request could be approved.
Likely OutcomeThis variation would be accepted as the proposal clearly outlines how the variation will assist in the remaining grants being expended and what steps the university will take to further promote the opportunity available to students.

Example 2

Proposed VariationThe university would like to extend the completion date for one year to identify and recruit students to receive the grants.
Likely OutcomeThis variation would be rejected given the lack of detail to support the proposal.

Example 3

Proposed VariationThe university is requesting to add a project partner to this project, XXX University. This will enable us to expand the opportunities available for students, to then attract more students, and utilise the funding that is available.
Likely OutcomeThis variation would be accepted given the proposal is clear and to the point.

Example 4

Proposed VariationSince being awarded this funding, there is wide spread concern at the university about our students safety conducting internships in XXX, particularly as some of the internships pertain to human rights. We know that the DFAT smart traveller level warning is not reconsider your need to travel or higher in the region, however, a concern from staff students and parents still exists. Therefore, on this basis we would like to request a variation of the project to YYY host location We have found a range of law/legal internship options in YYY including Corporate Law, IP Law and also Human Rights Law with NGO’s such as MMM, the human rights ‘watchdog’. This will continue to be a NCPSEM length program, however in YYY.
Likely OutcomeThis variation would be accepted as the proposal clearly outlines the reason for the change of location and what alternative arrangements have been thought of/made in the new proposed host location which would enable the expenditure of the funding.

Example 5

Proposed VariationThe university wishes to request that Bachelor Honours Degree be included as an option in the Qualification Level field as we have some students participating in this short term study project who are enrolled in the Occupational Therapy (Honours) program
Likely OutcomeThis variation would be accepted.

Submit a Project  Variation

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