Project Everest


  • Destination: Malawi, India, Fiji, Timor Leste
  • Dates: January, February, June, July, December
  • Program duration: 4, 8 or 12 weeks from the start to the end of the month.
  • Provider: Project Everest Ventures
  • Cost: AUD$3,590 (for 4 weeks)
  • Eligible students can also receive OS-HELP up to $8,149

At Project Everest Ventures (opens in a new window) we create socially beneficial, affordable, sustainable and effective products and services that are tailored to tackling social issues in developing communities. Our international internships expose you to the experience of developing a social enterprise with a team of other social entrepreneurs, learning leadership skills, gaining personal development, and being part of the social change. We work in international development, currently across Malawi, India, Fiji and Timor Leste. Instead of a charity model, we use a business model to provide sustainable and scalable goods and services that work towards addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the focus areas of our ventures include Environmental Sustainability, Agriculture, Food Security, Economic Empowerment and Health Services.As part of a Social Impact Internship, you will live and work in a close-knit, multidisciplinary team to tackle a particular social venture project in country for at least a one-month period. Your team will be collaborating and engaging with local communities directly through interviews and group co-design sessions, face-to-face engagement, and the application of a range empathy-based design thinking methodologies. Throughout this process, you will be challenged to operate using lean processes and limited resources, to guarantee a proof-of-concept, a functional prototype, and/or facilitate the implementation of the solution within the community. This internship is an opportunity to get industry experience beyond the scope of your degree in an environment unlike any other, whilst being a part of creating genuine social impact alongside other passionate university students.

Extra-curricular activities

  • With internships operating across Malawi, India, Fiji and Timor Leste, the range of opportunities for cultural immersion and exploration are immense. Whether you’re heading on a weekend Safari in Sub-Saharan Africa, going diving in the tropical waters of the Pacific, or enjoying a sunset with your team, there are a range of ways to engage with the local culture beyond the set internship hours. Cultural activities are also included as part of the set internship experience.


  • As a WSU student, you could be eligible for up to 10 credit points, OS-HELP and multiple travel grants across a range of pre-approved courses. Academic recognition is available across the following faculties:
  • Visit the PEV website (opens in a new window) for more information about subject availability and academic prerequisites.
  • Please note that eligibility for academic recognition is not required to apply for a Social Impact Internship directly with Project Everest Ventures.


  • Teams will be living and working together out of dedicated project house/s in each country. The facilities and utilities are basic – don’t expect any 5 star accommodation.

Program Cost

  • The Total cost for the projects are:
    • 4 weeks - AUD$3590
    • 8 weeks - AUD$5890
    • 12 weeks - AUD$8390
  • This project fee covers the following:
    • Accommodation (from beginning of project until second last evening)
    • Breakfast and dinner on project days
    • Clean drinking water
    • Travel insurance ($250 excess)
    • Utilities - water, electricity, internet for project use
    • In-country training workshops
    • Dedicated Team Leader & Senior Leaders
    • Cultural Events
    • Access to International SOS
    • Crowdicity Access
    • Consultant Access where necessary
  • You will need to pay for:
    • Flights
    • Visas
    • Accommodation beyond the set internship period
    • Lunch on any day
    • Weekend travel/activities
  • For a full list of T&Cs, and pricing inclusions and exclusions, please visit our website. (opens in a new window)


  • You may be eligible for OS-HELP, a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian citizens - loans up to $8,149 are available. Academic Approval is required; have completed 80 credit points of study, and have 10 credit points remaining on return. For further information on how to apply see OS-HELP

Conditions of Participation

  • The University of Western Sydney University is committed to demonstrating high standards of personal and professional conduct at all times. When participating in an overseas program, students must assume certain obligations to Western Sydney University (WSU), the prospective country, overseas provider, and other participants in a program. See Conditions of Participation in an Overseas Program.

How to Apply

STEP 1: Register Your Interest

  • To be considered for this opportunity:
    1. Submit an Expression of Interest (opens in a new window) to Project Everest.
    2. Book in a phone call with us to assess your suitability for our internships, and progress you through to an interview.
    3. Attend an interview either online or in person in our Sydney office.
  • If you are successful in your application and we think you’ll make a good fit for us (and us for you), you’ll receive an offer within 7 days of your interview.
  • Please note that we only accept applications for projects running within a year of the application date, as we can not guarantee projects and capacity any earlier in advance. E.g. If you apply in March 2019, you can only apply for projects running in June ‘19, July ’19, December ’19, January ’20 and February ‘20.

STEP 2: Apply for Academic Approval

  • Discuss your preferred option with your Academic Course Adviser (ACA) or placement coordinator - visit your School website and see 'Contact'
  • To receive recognition for your overseas experience, it is important that you seek advice from your Academic Course Advisor and apply for academic approval at least 3 months prior to commencement. Find out how to apply for Academic Approval below: 

STEP 3: Apply for OS-HELP

  • You may be eligible for OS-HELP, a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian citizens - loans of $4,000 or $8,149 are available. Academic Approval is required; have completed 80 credit points of study, and have 10 credit points remaining on return.
  • Note, depending on the program, some of the opportunities below provide a scholarship, tuition waivers, free or cheap accommodation etc.

STEP 4: Complete the 'Before I Go' Online Checklist

Complete the Online Checklist (opens in a new window) to ensure you have completed the important tasks before heading overseas. This includes applying for a Student Mobility Travel Grant and information about travel insurance.

Further Advice