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$3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Available

  • Country: China
  • Dates: 15 November to 23 December 2019
  • Eligible students participating in this program will receive a $3000 New Colombo Plan (NCP) Mobility Grant
  • Program cost: $2595 AUD, not including airfares and visas
  • Eligible students can receive OS-HELP up to $8,149
  • Proficiency in Mandarin is not required


Participants will complete a five-week internship, in your sector of interest for which our staff will work with you prior to arrival to ensure that your placement will count towards your course credit.  You will be working normal company hours Monday to Friday.  In addition, 15 hours of Chinese mandarin classes will be included, to be taken during evenings or weekends at your preference. You will also have the opportunity to join cultural activities and trips provided at no extra cost.

Where will I be staying?

  • You will stay in a private room with a Chinese host family. This will be a great way to practice your newly learned Chinese and get a real feel for daily family life in China. Families will provide you with authentic home-cooked Chinese breakfast and evening meal and every family has at least one English-speaker. If you have dietary requirements, don’t worry, we will speak to you about that before you arrive.

What can I do during free times?

  • This program will be facilitated by Intern China, who organise optional weekly dinners every Thursday and activities every weekend with all interns on place in that city.  It is a great chance to meet other people and share the experience. Of course, you are also free to do your own thing during evenings and weekends either independently, with your host family or with new found friends.

What’s Included in the program price?

  • The program cost is $2595 AUD includes:
    • 4-week internship
    • Pre-departure orientation;
    • In-country orientation and support;
    • Accommodation with Chinese host family;
    • Breakfast and dinner during the week;
    • Language classes;
    • Cultural classes;
    • Business workshop;
    • Health/travel insurance
  • What’s not included in the program price?
    • Flights
    • Visa application fees
    • In-country transport
    • Day to day living and personal expenses
    • Any vaccinations/inoculations recommended by your doctor
    • Any other costs incurred that aren’t specifically mentioned as being included in the program
  • This program cost may be offset by the $3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Travel Grant, OS-HELP, and other Financial Assistance.

Am I eligible for the New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant?

  • The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region.
  • Eligible student selected for this opportunity will be supported by a $3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility grant
  • To be eligible you must be:
    • an Australian citizen
    • enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University
    • be aged 18-28 years
    • must not have received a New Colombo Plan Mobility grant on a previous occasion
    • receive academic recognition for the experience
  • Note: The Government requires that 70% of participants in the program must be between the ages of 18 and 28. Therefore 30% of participants can be 29 and over. If you are over the age of 28, you are still encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest

What is OS-HELP?

  • You may be eligible for OS-HELP, a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian citizens - loans of $4,000 or $8,149 are available. Academic Approval is required; have completed 80 credit points of study, and have 10 credit points remaining on return.

Conditions of Participation

  • The University of Western Sydney University is committed to demonstrating high standards of personal and professional conduct at all times. When participating in an overseas program, students must assume certain obligations to Western Sydney University (WS), the prospective country and other participants in a program. See Conditions of Participation in an Overseas Program.
  • The university reserves the right to vary program fees in the event of changes in exchange rates or price rises made by partners or other suppliers. If the cost of any service increases due to exchange rate fluctuations, price increases, tax changes or any other reason, participants are required to pay the increase when notified or may cancel a program which may result in cancellation fees.

How to Apply - Deadline 13 September 2019

Steps 1 to 3 can be completed concurrently (at the same time).

STEP 1: Find out if you eligible to receive academic recognition

  • Before you continuing it is important to ensure that you are eligible to receive academic recognition. For instance, one of the criterion for receiving OS-HELP (up to $8,149 - see STEP 5), is that the overseas program must count towards your degree requirements in which you are enrolled, e.g. work experience, internship hours, or an elective.
  • Many degrees at Western Sydney University provide an opportunity to participate in domestic or international work experience. These are offered as core units (e.g. a clinical or professional experience placement) or as an elective. Some of these are provided below:
  • To find out if your degree provides a unit/subject for work experience, go to Western Sydney University course and unit Handbook and review the information related to your degree.
  • Alternatively to find out which units/subjects are associated with work experience across the entire university: 
  • If you are still uncertain, you may wish to seek further advice from your School coordinator - placement officer, Academic Course Advisor (ACA), or Director of Academic Program (DAP).
  • Note, at this point you are not required to apply for Academic Approval – that comes after you have met with the overseas provider and have been given detailed information about the project. To apply for academic approval, see STEP 4

STEP 2: Submit an Expression of Interest for the NCP Grant

  • To be considered for the $3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant, submit an Expression of Interest (opens in a new window) by 13 September 2019. During this process you will be required to answer the following questions:
    • What is your motivation for participating in the program? (up to 50 words)
    • What do you hope to achieve from participating in the program? (up to 50 words)
    • How do you see the program contributing to your career? (up to 50 words)

STEP 3: Register Your Interest with Intern China

  • Register Your Interest with Intern China (opens in a new window) by 11 August 2019 (Go to the bottom of InternChina's webpage). This process requires your:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Passport details
  • All applicants will be notified of the outcome by the end of July.

STEP 4: Apply for academic approval

  • To apply for academic approval you will need to be meet with Intern China via Zoom. Intern China will discuss your prospective work experience and negotiate a satisfactory and fulfilling project with an international company. Intern China will provide you detailed information about the project.
  • To apply for academic approval, see Overseas Academic Approval (non-exchange).
  • If you are applying for OS-HELP (STEP 4), there is direct relationship between Academic Approval and OS-HELP. For advice on how to complete the OS-HELP application and apply for credit, see Overseas Academic Approval (non-exchange)
    • This process may differ, depending on School requirements including enrolment is special units. You may wish to discuss the opportunity further and with your Academic Course Adviser (ACA) or placement coordinator - visit your School website and see 'Contact'.

STEP 5: Apply for OS-HELP - up to $8,149

  • You may be eligible for OS-HELP, a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian citizens: 
    • loans up to $8,149 are available
    • Academic Approval is required
    • have completed 80 credit points of study
    • have 10 credit points remaining on return
  • Find out more about  OSHELP
  • Note: There is direct relationship between Academic Approval and OS-HELP. For advice on how to complete the OS-HELP application, see Overseas Academic Approval Form (non-exchange)

STEP 6: Complete the 'Before I Go' Online Checklist

Complete the Online Checklist to ensure you have completed the important tasks before heading overseas including travel insurance..

Need further advice?

About the Program In-Country

Webpage: InternChina (opens in a new window)

Contact Person Details: Ali Hashemi – ali.hashemi@internchina.com

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