Preferred International Partner Organisations

Preferred International Partner Organisations (PPO) (also known as third-party global study providers) are companies that have been contracted by Western Sydney University to deliver a service that supports the learning abroad experience. These organisations are highly experienced in designing and implementing overseas programs, often using established best practice, existing administrative structures, and contacts in-country. Depending on the type of PPO or arrangement, these organisations provide a wide range of services including the development of study tours, arranging work placements and site visits to overseas companies, develop cultural excursions and more. These organisations often deliver pre-departure and onsite training, and provide pastoral care and support for students (airport pickup, ground transportation, accommodation, mental health support, visa information etc.).

Organisations that do not have partner agreement with Western Sydney University are not permitted to promote their opportunities to staff or students. Staff and students are advised to only engage with organisations that have fulfilled Western Sydney University's requirements which includes a process of due diligence, compliance with Australian Government obligations and the signing of a formal agreement (see Section 3). Western Sydney International is responsible for screening applications and processing university agreements from all third-party global study providers and  international student mobility programs across the University, including study tours, placements, work experience, practicums, conferences, and student exchange (see Student International Mobility Policy).

1. Partner  Organisations

Provided below are organisations that have fulfilled the requirements for becoming a partner of Western Sydney University:

ACICIS Study Indonesia

  • The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS – pronounced Ah-chee-chis, as an Indonesian would say it) is an innovative, non-profit, national educational consortium that was established in 1994 to overcome the substantial academic, bureaucratic, and immigration impediments that had prevented Australian students from undertaking credited semester study at Indonesian universities. Today ACICIS runs a variety of study options in Indonesia including 8 semester long programs, 5 professional practica programs and two short term programs.
  • Since joining ACICIS in early 2016, over 60 WSU students have studied in Indonesia with ACICIS. ACICIS provides extensive pre-departure information to students, facilitates the in-country orientation, assists with sourcing student accommodation, and provides extensive pastoral care, risk management, and other assistance to students throughout their time studying in Indonesia.
  • Western Sydney University can apply for allocations of funding for ACICIS' existing programs through the Consortium's membership consultation process and also suggest new programs for development by ACICIS. ACICIS has also developed and operated bespoke programs in Indonesia for our member universities and is open to discussing this possibility with relevant staff at WSU.
  • Find out more about ACICIS
  • Contact ACICIS

Antipodeans [agreement under negotiation]

Our programs empower students to take ownership and embrace a world beyond their own borders in ways your average beach trip can’t. With Antipodeans, don’t expect the usual tourist trails. Our bespoke programs and itineraries help students uncover the true essence of each country as they live, work and explore amongst the locals. Whether they’re helping build greenhouses in Peru, providing primary health care to communities in remote Laos or learning rope-weaving with the hill people of Northern Thailand, each experience will be unlike anything found in a standard travel guide or student trip. Since 1991 we’ve been creating extraordinary people through extraordinary travel experiences. This year over 2000 students will be travelling with us to over 30 incredible destinations. Underpinning everything at Antipodeans is our commitment to responsible travel. Amidst the sightseeing and exploration, a central focus of every program is a hands-on community project. This offers opportunities to work closely with locals in a developing country whilst contributing meaningfully to their lives. A project like this rewards like no other and isn’t forgotten soon. Our projects make an impact, too. Through long-standing relationships (some older than 20 years) we ensure all projects and placements are part of the community’s broader development plans—not token. With Antipodeans there is no ‘voluntourism’, gratuitous projects or orphanage visits. Instead, we collaborate with local partners and communities to ascertain every project is sustainable and responsible. Find out more.

Authentica [agreement under negotiation]

  • Faculty-Led: Thematic in nature, faculty-led programs are a curated blend of commerce and culture. We fully manage all the logistics and work closely with the faculty leader to create content that is stimulating and relevant. These may range from business and economy to following in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. Programs can be created around a given theme (e.g. Healthcare or Science and Technology) to integrate different disciplines, destinations, interactions and immersions.
  • Service-Learning: Service-learning programs are focused on a project that revolves around enhancing the lives of a community. Whether it’s infrastructural or socio-entrepreneurial, the participants in the program are actively involved in helping with community-identified needs. The programs are enhanced by workshops, hands-on field work and interaction with social entrepreneurs who are working to make a difference.
  • Internships: There’s no better way to gain international exposure and awareness than by interning abroad. In a world where global connectivity is the norm, what better way to experience it first-hand than by immersing yourself in a working culture abroad? We place our interns in sound, secure and inspiring working environments that expose them to local culture. These may range from hospitality to healthcare, social entrepreneurship to NGOs, and manufacturing to finance.
  • Contact Authentica
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campus b [agreement under negotiation]

campus b is an international education facilitator specialised in expanding experiential learning opportunities. We take pride in our role as a doorway for over two thousand international learners. From our inception within academia, we have worked alongside educators and learners to engage and facilitate learning initiatives in and out of Latin America. Representing a group of passionate, globally-minded educators, learners and dreamers. We come from around the world unified by our vision to expand opportunities for reciprocal international learning. Find out more.


  • Countries: World-wide
  • CISaustralia is dedicated to providing Australian (and International) University students with innovative, high quality short term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences, for academic credit. CISaustralia have a formal agreement with WSU (since 2015) and support a range of different mobility programs, including Customised Faculty Led Programs (CFLP). CISaustralia will support over 30 CFLP's in 2018 - funded by OS-HELP, NCP and Endeavor. Aside from the benefits of on site staff and robust risk management, the CIS model enables a saving of approx. 4-6 full time equiv weeks for academic staff in program development, logistics and administration.
  • Find out more about CIS programs


  • Countries: China, Japan, Vietnam & UK
  • CRCC Asia has been the leading internship provider in Asia for the past 11+ years. In that time, we have hosted over 7000 students from across the global and successful run multiple faculty lead programs from our 55+ partner institutions. CRCC Asia has been active in the international education community, collaborating with colleagues in the field to establish best practice for international internships and set the standard for innovative professional development program models in Asia. Our innovative program models include extensive training and support during pre-departure, on the ground, and re-entry phases of programming. Each location has been carefully selected due to its strategic importance for students, cultural appeal for travellers, locations that continue to draw upon the expertise and connections of our colleagues and advisory board, and the unique ability to deliver upon our 5 key learning outcomes. In conjunction with CRCC Asia, Australian universities have been successful with past NCP applications. Most notably being the University of Newcastle, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and many more. We have 24/7 on the ground support, international standard for health and safety and provide the culture and language experiences for your students to be successful and employability after university.
  • Find out more about CRCC Asia
  • Information for universities
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Global Career Center [agreement under negotiation]

  • GCC is dedicated to connecting employability and education through a variety of solutions. Whether you are looking to further your workforce development, promote the fields of international education and applied learning, or support student development by vocation and location, GCC can help build and nurture your global community. We are committed to solution-driven partnership and strategic collaborations.
  • Global Career Center
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Hacker Exchange

  • Countries: United States, Israel, Singapore
  • At The Hacker Exchange, our mission is to connect the next generation of Aussie entrepreneurs with the opportunities, passion, networks and resources that can only be found in the innovation capitals of the world. Through immersive startup boot camps, university short programs and strategic connections in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Singapore, our participants emerge as a generation of leaders ready to build businesses that change the world. The Student Innovation Program in Singapore has been designed to promote entrepreneurship as a career path for students, and as our future leaders, to continually develop and grow Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Students will participate in a series of workshops and speaker sessions providing an overview of the Singapore business culture and best practices, while providing practical application to the startup ideation process. Site visits to startups and major tech companies are also part of the Program to contextualise learnings. Students are also encouraged to attend networking events and establish interpersonal relationships unique to the Singapore ecosystem. This program is intended to have students enrol in an WSU course, run by HEX, and an assessment completed by a WSU academic.
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Intern China

  • InternChina is an award-winning organisation in the International Higher Education sector. Providing funded programmes to universities and government-funded organisations since 2007, InternChina have placed over 2000 students and recent graduates from countries all over the world in China. We aim to be an ethical, transparent and student-focused organisation, with a well-established and enthusiastic team, spread across the UK, Europe and 5 destinations in Greater China. We aim to do things differently in our sector, with off-the-beaten-track destinations, unbeatable value, unrivalled support on place in China and a ‘quality over quantity’ approach.
  • Find out more about Intern China
  • Contact Intern China

The Intern Group

  • Countries: Canada, United States, Colombia, Ireland, England, Spain, Japan, China, Hong Kong
  • The Intern Group provides international internship programs that enable qualified individuals to gain valuable professional experience at leading companies and organisations, while exploring exciting new places and developing extensive global networks. We have full-time local teams in each of our destinations, who are equipped and ready to set you up with the experience of your dreams. Our programs include much more than a professional internship in your desired career field. You are also provided with quality housing, social & cultural events, professional career training, and full-time local support. All aspects of the program are designed to enhance your professional and personal development and to allow you to experience diverse cultures in a new way.
  • Find out more about The Intern Group

International Studies Abroad (ISA)

  • Countries:  World-wide
  • ISA is a global company, with headquarters in Austin, Texas and satellite offices and staff around the world. ISA is proud to have helped nearly 80,000 students reach their study abroad goals since they were founded in 1987. Since 2015, ISA has operated under a parent organisation, WorldStrides, and together function as one of the largest and most comprehensive program providers in international education.
  • ISA offers short courses, semester/year length, internship, service-learning, research, and extensive custom/faculty-led options. They are also able to provide in-country health and safety/risk management, on-the-ground logistical support, etc. when an all-inclusive service is not needed.
  • ISA operates in the following NCP eligible locations: Fiji, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and China. Full-time, customised internships in all fields of study are available in South Korea (Seoul) and China (Shanghai).  ISA can additionally provide program support services and business visits in a range of other NCP eligible destinations via the WorldStrides network.
  • ISA's extensive network of staff can provide a range of services for WSU faculty, including NCP (and other grant-funding) application support, all aspects of custom program development, and info sessions/classroom presentations coupled with marketing materials development to assist with program promotion.
  • Find out more about ISA
  • Information for universities
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Next Step Connections

  • Next Step Connections (NSC) is a leading Global Experiential Learning Organisation and internship placement agency based in Asia. NSC is providing internship and other ‘beyond classroom’ experiential learning abroad programs to help students gain personal development, find their professional path and ultimately reach their full potential. Founded in 2007 in Shanghai, by Jerome Le Carrou and led by a passionate team, who have circled the globe seeking new experiences; NSC is recognized by global institutions, partner companies, and the international education industry as a true specialist in providing safe and quality experiential learning programs to and within Asia. With offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Bangkok, NSC is strategically located at the heart of a region set to lead the world as It is estimated that by 2030, Asia’s economy with be larger than that of the US and EU combined.
  • Find out more about Next Step Connections
  • Custom Internship Program Abroad
  • Faculty-Led Programs & Study Tours
  • Contact Next Step

Nineteen Degrees [agreement under negotiation]

  • Countries: Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Expertise: Nursing, Allied Health Clinical placements, Interprofessional placements and Community Internships
  • Established in 2016, Nineteen Degrees draws on over 15 years of independent experience in educational travel in Asia. We deliver tailor made faculty-led placements for undergraduate students in the disciplines of nursing, midwifery and allied health as well as community internships.
  • Specialising in international short-term mobility throughout Asia we work at the heart of the communities we operate in. We do this by partnering in collaboration with hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, community organisations and schools we have mutually agreed goals of achieving strong learning outcomes for Australian students all whilst working to build the long-term capacity of these communities and local organisations.
  • Our not-for-profit focus allows us to provide cost-competitive programs with a true international development focus. Our current client base includes 10+ universities, Australia wide and over these last four years we have sent over 350 students into the region.
  • About Nineteen Degrees
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People & Friends

  • Our Start-up Experiential Learning Programs are intensive short-term courses on entrepreneurship.
  • In our start-up Experiential Learning Programs, your students have the chance to become entrepreneurs for 2 weeks. to work on actual problems/challenges provided by start-­‐ups, learn about state-of-the-art tools in various workshops we give in order to help them with their projects, they visit internationally well-known companies (such as BMW, SAP, Google, Facebook) and meet local start-­‐ ups and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they can experience the diverse culture and neighbourhoods the two amazing start-­‐up hubs (Berlin and SF) have to offer by engaging in a series of cultural activities. These include, for instance, a visit at Alcatraz island, a street art tour, the Berlin Wall Memorial, a treasure hunt, secret food tour and a lunch at the revolving restaurant on the iconic Berlin TV tower.
  • We customise our programs for universities who wish for certain topics to be focused on, e.g. social innovation, sustainability, the engineering industry.
  • Find out more about People and Friends
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Pagoda Projects

  • Country: Mainland China, Taiwan (Taipei), Vietnam, United Kingdom
  • Pagoda Projects is going beyond work experience in the International Higher Education sector. We employ our own teams of professional & approachable people, across 6 incredible destinations in China PRC, Taiwan and Vietnam. We are ethical, ambitious and passionate about making unique destinations accessible to people from all kinds of backgrounds.  We offer internships in a vast range of sectors, combining valuable work-based learning with cultural exploration via activities, trips and more.  We are transparent and are always happy to discuss various options with no obligation to commit until 100% satisfied with what we can offer.
  • Find out more
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Pollinate Energy

  • Country: India
  • Pollinate Energy is an Australian and Indian social business that recruits and trains 'Pollinators' (local indian men and women), who sell sustainable technology such as solar lights to replace kerosene lamps, in India's urban slum communities. To support their work, Pollinate Energy facilitates Student Fellowship Programs that embed participants in the day to day operations of a UN award winning social enterprise, exposing them to challenging field work and actual business problems that need solving.
  • Pollinate Energy will support staff at WSU by managing the recruitment of, and pre and post program engagement with, participants. Further, we are adaptive and flexible to the academic requirements of various faculties, and have extensive experience developing program content that contributes to or is derived from coursework.
  • Find out more about Pollinate Energy
  • Contact Pollinate Energy

Project Everest [agreement under negotiation]

  • Countries: Fiji, Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Malawi
  • Project Everest is an organisation that aims to solve the world’s most complex development problems by building financially sustainable solutions known as social enterprises. In order to achieve this Project Everest provides summer and winter school internships in applied social entrepreneurship. Combining entrepreneurial methodologies with hard-skills acquired in their degree, Project Everest equips students with the necessary skills required for success in the globalised economy. This approach, integrated with coursework through a Short Term Mobility project, achieves key aims for the University including:
    • International mobility - Multi-disciplinary learning
    • Cultural awareness
    • Experiential learning based on real life problems
    • Skills applicable to the work environment
  • Find out more about Project Everest
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SVPI Volunteering

  • SVPI is a non-profit volunteer organisation based in NSW, Australia. Our aim is to provide volunteer opportunities for adventurous people of all ages and levels of experience to participate in ethical community development projects throughout Asia. The SVPI team are all former volunteers and includes senior leaders from our sister organization, CWON (Australia), who have been visiting Nepal and working with locals in community development projects for over 7 years. By staying small and true to our roots we are able to tailor the volunteer experience to enable our volunteers and the communities in which we work to gain as much as possible from the program.
  • Find out more about SVPI
  • Contact SVPI

Virtual Internships [agreement under negotiation]

A virtual internship is a remote work experience period that can fit flexibly round a student’s existing commitments (e.g: study, family commitments) or can make work experience more accessible (e.g: for someone with a disability or mobility issues).  Since no relocation is required, the cost is much less than a regular overseas internship.  Alongside better access, students build specific skills increasingly valued by employers - remote working, online communication and many more.  Virtual Internships provide a free employability course (CareerBridge) which helps students articulate the skills they’re gaining more precisely.  Please see for more information.

World Endeavours

  • Founded 2002
  • Since our inception in 2002, World Endeavors has been providing meaningful experiential learning opportunities to thousands of institutions, students, and individuals of all ages eager to expand their vision of the world. Our intern, volunteer, and faculty-led group programs emphasize immersive, hands-on experience and promote global learning and intercultural understanding. Participants in World Endeavors programs have the opportunity to interact in a meaningful way with community members in their host country, while gaining greater insight into the business practices, culture, and social issues of the country. With programs in over 20 countries around the world, and customized placements, housing, insurance, and cultural activities included, it’s time to Put Yourself Out There!
  • Find out more

2. Partners by Country

Provided below are organisations endorsed by the University that have opportunities available in a range of disciplines and types of experiences.










Costa Rica


Czech Republic








Hong Kong

















New Caledonia

New Zealand





South Africa

South Korea





Timor Leste



United States




3. Agreements

Information for Prospective Third-party Global Study Providers

To become a Third-party Global Study Provider, prospective companies:

  1. Must have a recommendation from a Western Sydney University Academic Unit (School/Institute) that supports and justifies the capacity for a new partnership:
    1. it will deliver a service that no other existing partner organisation can
    2. the activity is integrated into the curriculum
  2. Complete the Third Party Global Provider Due Diligence form and return to Western Sydney International. The prospective partner organisation is required to provide information about the history of business, mission, legal status, quality assurance, internal structure, insurance, emergency/safety procedures, policy for PSEAH (Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment), pre-departure and onsite training, pastoral care and support of students (airport pickup, ground transportation, accommodation, mental health, laws, visas etc.).
  3. Some companies will be invited to complete a Preferred Provider Agreement

If a third party provider is involved in the management of a study tour or group project, the organisation must:

  1. Have a completed the Third Party Global Provider Due Diligence
  2. Provide the prospective program leader with a professional proposal that clearly summarises the itinerary, activities, program costs, and conditions.
  3. Negotiate a commercial agreement with Academic Unit (School/Institute), outlining the service, breakdown of expenditure, final program fee and refund policy. Note, where a purchase requires the supplier to enter into a contract with the University, the Office of General Counsel must be advised of this fact and be involved in the preparation or review of the contract documentation prior to signing – see Purchase requisitions and contracts.

Information for Existing Third-party Global Study Providers

For organisations that have completed the due diligence process and have been invited to work with Western Sydney University, see Information for Partner Organisations.

Further Assistance

Contact Steven McDonald the Manager, Short Term Mobility