Information for Partner Organisations

This webpage is for organisations that currently have an agreement with Western Sydney University (WSU).

  • Partner organisations (POs) are providers that have been contracted by the University to deliver a service that supports the learning abroad experience. See Our Partner Organisations for existing relationships.
  • External organisations with no official relationship to the University may not promote their programs to the University. This includes classroom visits, faculty meetings, participation in fairs and on campus events, placing posters on bulletin boards, handing out printed materials on campus, advertising on university websites, platforms, or social media.
  • Any students participating in a program without University endorsement are not covered by university insurance or eligible for a travel grants or scholarships.
  • Staff and students are advised to engage only with providers that have fulfilled the requirements for Western Sydney University which includes a due diligence.
  • To become a partner organisation, an agreement must be in place between the University and the provider outlining the roles and responsibilities of each party
  • A commercial arrangement or agreement with a School or department is not equivalent to a Preferred Placement Agreement.

1. The Role of Western Sydney International

  • Western Sydney International (WSI) is responsible for:

2. The Role of Partner Organisations

  • The role of a Partner Organisation (PO) is to:
    • provide high quality learning abroad experiences for Western students
    • deliver a service that supports and enhances the learning abroad experience
    • Support the International Office
  • POs are expected to engage directly with Western staff and students (see Engagement below).
  • Western Sydney University (WSU) will review the performance of all POs on an annual basis.
    • The review may be conducted during meetings at annual conferences and workshops
    • POs will be analysed based on mobility goals and independent engagement with academic units:
      • Development of discipline specific opportunities for individual students or groups
      • Planning New Colombo Plan or Endeavour mobility projects (see engaging with Staff and Developing Business below)
    • POs will  be requested to provide feedback on potential barriers and options to address any challenges

3. Engaging with Staff and Developing Business

  • Western Sydney University (opens in a new window) has over 45,000 students and is a multi-campus institution located all over Sydney - see Our Campuses (opens in a new window). It can take many hours to travel between campuses and staff and students are reluctant to meet in a central location and therefore regularly chat via Zoom or other methods. As a result this form of communication is ideal for companies that are remote from Sydney (or even located in Sydney).
  • Partner Organisations are encouraged to make direct contact with faculty about opportunities including the review the course syllabus for pre-approved academic credit, the development of study tours, or other activities.
  • All Western staff are listed on the website and it is very easy to search their positions:
    • Method 1
      • 1. Go to Staff Directory
      • 2. Select a search option = ‘For records containing the following text"
      • 3. Enter Your Search Criteria = Academic Course Adviser or Director of Academic Program
    • Method 2 -
      • Go to Schools > select School > select ‘our people’ or ‘contacts’ > look for Academic Course Adviser or Director of Academic Program
  • Before making contact with the person, review the profile and find out about their teaching areas, research, and areas of interest.
  • When contacting a person, state that your organisation is a partner of Western Sydney University and copy in Western Sydney International into the email.
    • Note, this is only an initial suggestion and there would be many other staff that are potentially interested in developing opportunities.
  • TIP - suggest a Zoom meeting or Zoom Presentation
  • Curriculum and Career Integration: The perfect scenario is to attract an opportunity that is embedded into the curriculum and is sustainable over many years.
  • Finance: If you provide advice about funding an opportunity, undergraduate students at Western can receive OS-HELP, a deferred loan, twice during their degree up to $AUD 8,149.
  • New Colombo Plan: staff can also apply for a New Colombo Plan Mobility Program (NCP) project, which provides $3000 per student.
    • Applications open every March, therefore it good to discuss project development very early.
    • Although the NCP provides great seed funding, it is not guaranteed each year. It is important to develop a program that is integrated into the curriculum and is not reliant on these finances - make use of OS-HELP
  • Creating an Overseas Short Program: If your organisation manages to recruit a champion who is interested in developing an opportunity, please inform Western staff they are required to follow the processes on Creating an Overseas Short Program for Students.

4. Engaging with Students

  • Build a fan student fan base: request a ‘highlight’ on the Western Sydney University website, Blackboard (vUWS), and social media. A highlight can be discipline specific and is used by the International Office to directly target students. A highlight has the potential to gradually develop a small cohort of students. See section 5
  • Global Ambassador Program
    • It is highly advised that you employ a student(s) to participate in the Global Ambassador Program (GAP). Students that participate in the GAP are connected to Western Sydney International and regularly invited to attend events at WSU. TIP:  you may wish to compensate a student by offering complementary or discounted opportunities with your organisation.
  • Advice for prospective students (standard): When a student applies or accepts a place in a program, it is important that they are made aware of the Before I Go webpage. This web page includes information about:
    • Applying for Academic Credit
    • Applying OS-HELP (up to $8,149)
    • Centrelink and Government Payments
    • University Insurance - students that travel overseas on approved University activity are covered by the corporate travel insurance policy for the official University component of their trip.
    • Emergencies
    • Registering Overseas Travel
  • Advice for students participating in an internship: make sure the students follow the steps on Internship Abroad webpage.

5. Curriculum Integration

  • Permanent dedicated webpages are reserved for discipline specific projects that are integrated into the curriculum, approved by a Director of Academic Program and recognised for student academic credit. Example "Electrical Engineering in Cuba".
  • Examples of what a WSU webpage looks like can be found on the Activities offered on the Study Tours and Special Opportunities webpage.
  • The activity would require promotion by your organisation and WSU faculty staff member.
  • If you would like to utilise this service, download the Webpage Development Form, complete the details, and return to The activity must be approved by a Director of Academic Program and be recognised for student academic credit.

6. Visiting Western Sydney University

  • Western Sydney University (opens in a new window) has over 45,000 students and is a multi-campus institution located all over Sydney - see Our Campuses (opens in a new window). It can take many hours to travel between campuses and often staff and students are reluctant to meet in a central location. Example, Western Sydney International is located at Parramatta South, the School of Business (Parramatta City), School of Social Science and Psychology (Penrith), School of Science and Health (Campbelltown and Hawkesbury, Richmond).
  • Due to very limited resources, Western International is not available to organise meetings or presentations for partner organisations. Partner Organisations are encouraged to engage directly with faculty and develop business via email, Zoom or Skype (see Engaging with Staff, Section 4 above)..

7. (AUIDF) Learning Abroad Study

  • POs are required to provide student data for the annual Australian Universities International Directors Forum (AUIDF) Learning Abroad Study

8. Further Assistance

Contact Steven McDonald the Manager, Short Term Mobility