Information for Staff

What opportunities are available for students to participate in overseas? Who is eligible?

A student is going overseas and has asked me about academic credit. How does this work?

  • Many students have their overseas experience count towards units at Western Sydney University. Eligibility to participate in an overseas program does not mean a student automatically receives credit for their academic studies.
  • To receive credit approval, students are instructed to complete an Academic Approval Form and consult with their Academic Course Advisor (ACA) or Director of Academic Program (DAP). There are two main types of credit approval, Exchange Based credit and Non-Exchange credit:
    • EXCHANGE: This means that a students is participating in opportunity at an Exchange Partner University (opens in a new window) including semester/year or short term experiences. Students do not pay TUITION FEES to their host University but continue to pay their fees to Western Sydney University as usual (ie. upfront or through HECS 1-4 units). Exchange students pay an ADMIN FEE to the host university. Depending on the program, the fee may cover accommodation, meals, excursions, airport pick up, local travel (please check with the individual program to see what it covers). Find out more about how students apply for Exchange Based credit approval (opens in a new window)
    • NON-EXCHANGE: students are participating in a opportunity at a partner university that does not have an exchange agreement, a study tour, or work experience. Students pay a PROGRAM FEE to the host organisation or university. Depending on the program, the fee may cover tuition fees (1-4 units), accommodation, meals, excursions, airport pick up, local travel (please check with the individual program to see what it covers). The cost of a program may be offset by OS-HELP. Find out more about how students apply for credit approval for Non-Exchange.
  • To assist with credit evaluation see the International Comparisons (opens in a new window)  webpage or consult with the Go Global staff at Western Sydney International (below).

Are there any scholarships or finance available for students to go overseas? What is OS-HELP?

What does a student need to do before going overseas? Is there any information I can give the students?

  • There are many preparations that students may need to do, before going abroad, from ordering transcripts, getting passports, ordering visas, identifying insurance needs, or seeking advice from Western Go Global staff. Students can find out more information by visiting Before I Go.

I want an Exchange Agreement with an overseas university, how do I do this?

I've been approached by a provider of an overseas program and think its a great opportunity for our students. Can I promote this?

  • This depends on whether or not the provider is a partner of Western Sydney University. An agreement must be in place between the University and the provider that outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party. A list of partners can be found in two locations:
  • Organisations with no official relationship to the University may not promote their programs on the university's campus without a Preferred Placement Agreement or equivalent with Western Sydney University. On-campus promotion includes tabling, classroom visits, faculty meetings, placing posters on bulletin boards and handing out printed materials on campus.
  • To become a partner, the organisation must complete an application that is comprised of a due diligence process for assessing an external organisation.

How do I create a study tour or student mobility opportunity?

I want to create a webpage specific to my students - how do I get support?

Where do I find more information about the New Colombo Plan or Endeavour student mobility funding?

  • The Australian Government offers a variety of funding opportunities to support staff projects for students to undertake academic short-term or semester-long opportunities overseas. See Australian Government Mobility Programs (opens in a new window).

Who can I contact for further information?

  • Manager, Short-Term Mobility
    Name: Steven McDonald
    Areas of Responsibility:
    Manager of short-term global mobility programs
    International Liaison Officer for Australian Government Mobility Grants (New Colombo Plan and Endeavour)
  • Manager, International Mobility
    Name: Isis Kowaliauskas
    Areas of Responsibility:
    Assistant manager of the Go Global and Study Abroad team
    Coordination of outbound and inbound Go Global and Study Abroad programming across Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Latin America, South Asia
    Study abroad student recruitment - Germany
  • International Mobility Coordinator
    Name: Jooliet Lau
    Areas of Responsibility:
    Coordination of outbound and inbound Go Global and Study Abroad programming across United States, Asia, Scandinavia, ISEP Network
    Study abroad student recruitment - Japan
  • Administrative Assistant, Mobility (0.6 FTE)
    Name: Casey Hawes
    Areas of Responsibility:
    Mobility administration support
  • Administrative Assistant, Government and Mobility Programs /
    Assistant International Liaison Officer, Australian Government Mobility Projects (0.8 FTE)

    Name: Nancy Go
    Areas of Responsibility:
    New Colombo Mobility Program administration