Coming home

"It was a really amazing experience. Being somewhere new, I always wanting to go out and do new things and explore. It was all new and exciting and right there!" Alannah Oldfield, Bachelor of Engineering-Mechanical, Concordia University, Canada 2016.

Welcome Home! We hope you had an amazing experience.

Now that you have returned from overseas, there may be a few things you need to sort out such as your academic credit, completing your compulsory online evaluation and thinking about your next experience.

Have you just completed a Virtual Go Global program? Congratulations!

Now that you have completed your virtual international experience, there are also some things you may need to do. You may need to process your academic credit, complete your compulsory online evaluation and reflect about the experience.

A handy post-program guide has been prepared by The Global Society for students who have completed virtual international experiences. You can download the guide here.

Apply for Advanced Standing

    After you have returned home, your overseas transcript may be sent to your home address or to the Western Sydney International Office.

    Please check with your overseas university, when and how you will receive the transcript. If your overseas record is sent to the International Office, we will contact you about collection.

    Note: Transcripts from overseas universities may not be sent if you have outstanding debts at the overseas location. If you do not receive your transcript in the advised time period, please contact the overseas institution directly.

    Once you have received your academic transcript, you need to apply for Advanced Standing for recognition of your studies.

Share your experience

  • Now that you have returned home, we would love to hear about your time overseas:
    • Access your Go Global application by login into the Go Global portal with your WSU student ID and password to complete the compulsory Program Evaluation & Testimonial questionnaire (Note: Conditions for receiving a scholarship or travel grant includes that you provide a testimonial).
    • Share your overseas experience with the Go Global community on Facebook.

Join the Go Global Student Ambassador Program

  • Have you been overseas on a Western Sydney University experience? Would you like to talk to other students about your time abroad? Would you like to meet international students coming to Australia? There are a number of things you can do to keep your overseas experience alive such as joining the Western Sydney University Go Global Student Ambassador Program
  • Find out more about participating in the Ambassador Program
  • Scott Rose, Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws, Keele University, United Kingdom 2017
  • Become a buddy for the incoming exchange and study abroad students by emailing your expression of interest to