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Section 2 Evidence of Acceptance into Overseas Program
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Section 4: Emergency Contact
Section 5: New Colombo Plan and Endeavour
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I give permission for Western Sydney University to use the New Colombo Plan funding provided for Student Grants to make group arrangements on my behalf and thereby not pay the funding directly to me.
I give permission for Western Sydney University to provide my name and contact details to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Education, for the purpose of administering and performance monitoring the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program; promoting the New Colombo Plan, including in promotional material, information and publications in hardcopy and/or on the internet; and congratulating and/or inviting Students to functions and events held in Australia and overseas.
I am aware that if the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Department of Education discloses my personal information to an overseas recipient that the overseas recipient may not be bound by Australian privacy legislation and or subject to any privacy obligations; the Department of Education and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will not be accountable under the Privacy Act should the overseas recipient breach Australian Privacy Principles; the Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to the disclosure of the information.
Section 6: Grants and Scholarships
Are you receiving a Grant or Scholarship? Eligibility can be found on Before I Go webpage
To receive a Student Mobility Travel Grant, International Exchange Scholarship, or New Colombo Plan Mobility grant, tick the boxes below and acknowledge that you have read and accept the following:
Bank Account Deposit Details
Section 7: Conditions of Participation
I acknowledge that Western Sydney University is committed to demonstrating high standards of personal and professional conduct at all times. When participating in an overseas program, I will comply with Western Sydney University’s Code of Conduct and policies found at *
I acknowledge that my participation in this program and associated travel is my sole responsibility and I assume all financial responsibility, including debt, arising from such circumstance. I acknowledge that I will attend/have attended the Pre-Departure briefing offered by Western Sydney University and agree to follow any relevant directive issued by the Australian Embassy or High Commission or other Australian Government representative in the host country. I undertake to advise Western Sydney University of any changes in the arrangements of my overseas activity.
Section 8: Travel Documents
I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have a current passport that has more than 6 months until expiration from the date of return from overseas. *
I acknowledge that I am responsible for checking with my overseas provider and/or the appropriate consulate(s) about the country(s) I am are entering, in regards to visa requirements. *
Section 9: Health
I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to investigate appropriate vaccinations and medications recommended for my intended destination(s). If vaccinations and/or medications are recommended, I agree to seek further advice from a medical service or my local doctor (GP). *
I acknowledge that experiencing a different country and social isolation, can also heighten existing mental health conditions or trigger new concerns. When travelling abroad, participants are leaving behind Australia's support systems, emergency service capabilities, medical facilities, and help from family and friends. When an incident occurs overseas, it may be particularly traumatic for the person experiencing mental health issues and for their family and friends back home. Anyone travelling abroad is subject to foreign jurisdictions and consequently it’s important to thoroughly research the destination and determine if you have any concerns that may trigger mental health concerns. If you face any barriers that may affect your travel or experience in the host country, you are encouraged to access Western Sydney University's confidential counselling services and/or contact the overseas program provider as early as possible. *
Section 10: Insurance
I acknowledge that the Western Sydney University Travel and Insurance policy may be limited and I agree to ask the organiser or provider of my overseas activity about insurance requirements and any health and safety risks that may affect my experience abroad. Students and staff that travel overseas on approved Western Sydney University activities are covered by the corporate travel insurance policy for the official component of the trip. This cover is limited and does not include personal travel, e.g. taking a holiday or visiting relatives, before or after your overseas activity, participating in extreme sports etc. It is recommended that you review the information found on the Western Sydney University Travel and Insurance policy. You should find out what it doesn't cover before you go, and if needed, organise additional personal travel insurance. *
Section 11: Host Location and Emergencies
I acknowledge that my decision to travel to a particular country or region is a personal one and that Western Sydney University does not warrant it free from harm. I acknowledge that I should review the latest travel advice for the countries I intend to travel to and that this advice may be also obtained prior to departure from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). *
I acknowledge that there are potential risks and liabilities associated with living and studying in a foreign country. I freely accept and fully assume all such risks, and the possibility of personal injury, death, violence, property damage or loss, during all the time of my participation in a Western Sydney student mobility activity and/ or resulting from the travel arrangements and any other related or incidental activities during this program. *
I understand that it is my responsibility to abide by the laws and respect the customs of the host country, and to ensure that I have adequate medical, and travel insurance coverage, as well as protection of my personal possessions. *
I acknowledge that, whilst abroad, my activities could jeopardise the safety of local hosts and/or Western Sydney University's partner organisations. I will not participate in any activity, including political activity, which might endanger either party, bring detriment to the relationship between Western Sydney University and my host institution(s) or host organisations, or undermine the effectiveness or viability of the Western Sydney University Global Mobility Program. *
I acknowledge that whilst I am abroad, I should contact the University’s 24-hour emergency contact and the Australian Embassy/Consulate nearest to me in any emergency situation so that immediate contact can be made if an evacuation or immediate communication is required. *
I acknowledge that Western Sydney University, through its appointed officers, can require my withdrawal from the activity for conduct unbecoming of a student of Western Sydney University, and will be the sole authority in exercising this judgement. It is also understood that Western Sydney University can require my withdrawal from the student mobility activity due to natural disaster, political instability, civil unrest and/or terrorist activities in the region deemed to be unsafe for me to remain in my host country(s). *