Centrelink Payments While Overseas

Before going overseas, students are responsible for checking the Centrelink requirements. If you receive Centrelink payments, your payments could cease immediately upon leaving Australia. To continue payments, you will need to provide Centrelink with evidence that you are continuing your studies at Western Sydney University, plus the overseas activity is a legitimate part of your study.

Centrelink may require two letters.


Email Western Sydney University Enrolments and request a letter confirming that you're a student at Western Sydney University and currently enrolled.


If you have received an acceptance letter/email from the overseas provider, Western Sydney University Go Global and Study Abroad will  send you an Official Confirmation Letter that can be used as evidence of participation in a specific overseas study program.

How can you receive an Official Confirmation Letter?

  1. Complete all the post-decision requirements in your Go Global application
  2. Ensure you upload into your Go Global application a copy of your of overseas acceptance letter/email.

*Official Confirmation Letters are processed once your Go Global application status changes to 'Accepted by Host'. Official Confirmation Letters cannot be issued should you not provide evidence of acceptance from your overseas provider.

Further Information about Centrelink

For more about Centrelink payments while outside Australia and registering online prior to leaving, see the Centrelink website.

Tip: Provide Centrelink with a nominated person in Australia who can speak with them and act on your behalf while you are overseas.