Who can go?

Short Programs during Session Breaks

Admission requirements for these programs are often flexible and varies depending on the host.

An overseas short program is an academic experience for students that is less than six months (typically 2-4 weeks) are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional semester studies. The number of weeks and type of experience can vary, depending on the situation. A short program can incorporate a number of elements including units at overseas universities, research, work experience, volunteer projects, site visits, conferences and competitions.

  • Some programs attract a considerable grant, scholarship, stipend, fee waiver, or discount.
  • Travel Grants up to $500 are currently available for units taught at overseas universities
  • Eligible students can receive a deferred OS-HELP loan valued up to $8,149
  • Many programs include cultural excursions
  • Approved study overseas can count toward your degree in Australia

Find out more by visiting Overseas Short Programs.

Go Global Exchange Program (semester and year-long exchange)

The Go Global Exchange Program is one of our cornerstone Go Global opportunities, giving current students the opportunity to study for a whole semester or year at one of our hundreds of overseas university exchange partners. To support the participation in the Go Global Exchange Program, eligible students can receive an International Exchange Scholarship or Student Mobility Travel Grant of up to $1,750 and a deferred OS-HELP loan valued up to $8,149.

To participate on the Western Sydney University Go Global Exchange Program, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above* over your whole academic record in your course to date.
  • Whilst on exchange you must be enrolled in a minimum of 30 Western Sydney University credit points each semester.
  • You must be deemed suitable to represent the University overseas by Western Sydney University Go Global and Study Abroad.
  • * Due to extremely high-demand, if you wish to select California State University (United States) or Meiji University (Japan) as one of your preferences then you must have a cumulative GPA of 6.0 or above over your whole academic record in your course to date.

Host university partners have the final authority on the admission of exchange students to their institution.

International students are very much encouraged to apply. All students should preference host universities in countries in which they do not or have not held citizenship or residency. Exceptions may be made by the Manager, International Mobility.

Part-time students are encouraged to apply, however you must be on track to be completing a minimum of 30 credits overall at the time of application.

Final-year students can undertake an exchange during their final session of study at the University, however doing so could affect their eligibility for OS-HELP and delay graduation (due to time-lag in transcript processing for advanced standing of units taken on exchange).

Nursing and Medicine students are not able to participate in semester-based exchange programs due to the tight academic structures of these degrees. Nursing and Medicine students wishing to incorporate an overseas study experience to their degree may wish to consult their School for any available international study tours or clinical placements.

Undergraduate students

The earliest session in which undergraduate students can apply is during their first session of study. They must be on track to complete a minimum of 30 credits in that session. Please note students who have transferred from another university are welcome to apply for exchange during their first session at Western Sydney University. Subject to their specific degree flexibility, students enrolled in an undergraduate degree can undertake up to one year (80 credit points) on exchange during their degree. This can be taken consecutively or undertaken in different sessions.

Postgraduate students

Due to the tight academic structure of postgraduate degrees, it is not always possible to undertake a full semester session of exchange in a postgraduate degree program. Postgraduate students thinking about exchange should discuss their intentions at the earliest opportunity with their Academic Course Advisor / Director of Academic Program and Western Sydney University Go Global ad Study Abroad. Students would need to be enrolled in at least a 1.5 or 2 year postgraduate degree program in order for a full semester session of exchange to be possible.

The College

The earliest session in which you can apply is in your first session of undergraduate study at Western Sydney University (ie. once you have completed your pathway program at The College and articulated into your undergraduate degree). You must be on track to be completing a minimum of 30 credits in the session in which you apply at the Western Sydney University.

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