Understanding Risk Assessments

1. How to analyse risk

If your project is endorsed by the Australian Government, or a School/Institute, a comprehensive business case is required for approval. Project leaders are required to complete a Proposal and Risk Assessment. See Guidelines for Developing Instructor-Led Programs.

When completing a Risk Assessment, you will need to list the potential hazards and consider the likelihood and impact of an event occurring. Before completing a risk assessment, it is advised that you watch the short videos below. These provide a good explanation on how to analyse and visualise risks.

How to use a Risk Matrix

2. Areas of Consideration and Identifying Risks

The short videos above demonstrated how to analyse an activity by using a Risk Matrix and scoring the likelihood and impact. When completing a Learning Abroad Risk Assessment you will be required to identify all of the potential risks in a host location, e.g. health, transport, crime etc.

Provided below is an example of the steps if 'Terrorism' was identified as a risk in the fictitious country of Ambrosia.

For examples of other potential hazards in Learning Abroad visit Concept Development webpage.

3. Advice about Risk Assessment

4. Further Assistance

If you require any assistance, contact the Manager Short Term Mobility or visit Information for Staff.