Developing Overseas Programs for Students

These guidelines are a resource for university staff, who are planning, developing, and implementing Learning Abroad programs for students (in-country or remote). This includes outbound international study tours, work experience (internships and placements), short-term study, research, competitions, student exchange and more. It is good idea to consider the desired features of a program at least 12 months before implementation.

1. Conceptualisation

If you are designing an overseas program for students, it is good idea to consider the desired features at least 12 months before implementation. Features include the Government and University policy, method of delivery (in-country, online, hybrid), locations, time periods, academic recognition, promotion, logistics, partnerships, and more. Find out about Areas of Consideration


Western Sydney International (WSI) is responsible for the assessment and screening of all proposed international programs and partnerships across the University (Student Mobility Policy). The Go Global team, located within the International Office, provides expert advice on the development of overseas programs. To ensure compliance with University and Australian Government policy, follow the Steps for Developing a Program below.

International Partners

Organisations that do not have an agreement or Procurement Plan with Western Sydney University are not permitted to promote their opportunities to staff or students. If you are using an external vendor to support or manage a project, the organisation must be an approved International Partner Provider or Partner Institution. For further advice, contact the Manager Short Term Mobility.

Recruiting Students

All students participating in a Learning Abroad experience, must submit their application via Western Sydney University's Go Global Portal (see Create an online brochure below). Apart from providing a dedicated webpage and application process, the system ensures that students and staff comply with a number of policies and conditions set by the Government and University. If you are using an external vendor to support or manage a project, in the first instance, students must apply through the Go Global Portal.

2. Develop a Learning Abroad Program

1. Talk to the International Office ☐

Book a meeting with the International Office

The Manager Short Term Mobility will schedule a meeting to talk you about developing overseas programs. This will include Areas of Consideration, Government and university policy, and the utilisation of partners and providers.

2. The Project Plan ☐

After the meeting with the Manager Short Term Mobility (above), you will be requested to complete the International Short Program Questionnaire or complete a Variation for an existing project.

Following the completion of the Questionnaire or Variation, the International Office will assist in drafting a Project Plan which can be utilised for seeking approval from your School/Institute.

3. Complete a Risk Assessment ☐

Risk Assessment Questionnaire (TBA)

If you are developing an overseas program for students, you will be required to complete a Risk Assessment. This involves listing the potential hazards and considering the likelihood and impact of an event occurring - see Understanding Risk Assessments.

To start the process:

  1. Open up a tab on your computer and go Smartraveller: in a TAB.
  2. Open up another tab on your computer and go to the Risk Assessment Questionnaire (TBA)

After completing the questionnaire, the International Office will assist during this process. This will be attached to the Project Plan above.

The Manager Short Term Mobility will discuss this process during the scheduled meeting (above).

Domestic Travel

If a project includes domestic travel or local elements, a separate risk assessment will be required. For further advice contact your School/Institute Manager.

3. Implement a Learning Abroad Program

Under  construction

1. Create an online brochure ☐

Brochure Request Form

Western Sydney International has implemented a new application system that is dedicated to Learning Abroad. The Go Global application portal is a 'one-stop-shop' that is integrated with Banner and provides:

  • dedicated webpages/brochures
  • Online application processes for students
  • Information for reporting to Schools, Senior Executive, Government and more.
  • Enables risk management and ensures that students comply with a number of policies and conditions, both Government and University.

The system is utilised throughout the Learning Abroad life cycle. The Manager Short Term Mobility will discuss utilising the Go Global application portal during the scheduled meeting (above).

2. Promote and select students ☐

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3. Prior to Implementation ☐

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4. Implementation ☐

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5. Evaluation ☐

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4. New Colombo Plan

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