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To our valued supporters

We are all in the midst of a health, economic and social crisis.

This crisis is COVID-19. 

At Western Sydney University, our students are facing extreme financial distress with requests for emergency assistance rising by 70% in March this year.

Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund has been established to urgently mobilise funds that will support domestic and onshore international Western students experiencing significant financial need because of COVID-19.

Many students have lost their jobs. Buying food, paying rent, access to internet and a working computer – these basic living needs are now a heavy burden on our students. We must consider our international students who are particularly vulnerable. Can you imagine being far away from family and friends with no safety net?

You can support the Student Assistance Fund at Western Sydney University with a donation that will ensure our students have access to basic living needs and can continue to study.

The University will match donations.

Please help us ensure that the next generation of nurses, doctors, business leaders, engineers, and other professionals are supported through this crisis so that they may graduate and lead us into the future.

To discuss your gift please call 0432 667 285 or email

Hear from our students

Due to the pandemic, I lost my job. With the current economic situation, getting a new job is unlikely. Managing my expenses was getting difficult. But I am glad that WSU came to our rescue and is helping and supporting us in every way.

- Rohan

I am extremely grateful for all the support received from Western Sydney University during my hard times. I will like to thank all the helping hands for their joint effort which had assisted me uplifting my financial situation.

- Abina

Just wanted to let everyone know that your service has given me a lot help during these difficult times. It was such a relief to be able to worry about one thing less. I really appreciate all your work and heart put into it!

- Martyna

I thought my life would be wasted. Every day I wake up and it motivates me. Western has provided a lifeline for me.

- Robert

I am so thankful for the university and the guys who helped me in this period in each and every way. Mentally , financially and through studies you guys have helped me . I feel so thankful , I couldn't do this without you guys. Thank you so much.

- Akhila

I am a first year student from Nepal and arrived in Australia just before the lockdown officially started. Things were getting hard but WSU provided me gift vouchers and the chaplaincy delivered me food. A big thank you to WSU and the team members who are constantly reaching out to us and being there to listen. This helped me a lot.

How you can support students today

Study Expense Relief | $25

Relief for study expenses such as book vouchers or printing credit.

Data Relief | $75

Mobile phone and internet access for two months.

Utilities Relief | $150

Support for utility bills.

Food and Grocery Voucher | $280

Essential groceries food voucher for one month.

Rental and Housing Assistance | $400

Rental or accommodation assistance.

* Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you.

*All funds raised will go to the Student Assistance Fund and be dispersed on a needs basis.