Hawkesbury Foundation

Developing support for the Hawkesbury Campus

Established in 1982, the Hawkesbury Foundation is led by a group of people who have a strong connection with the Hawkesbury Campus, passionate to see the University and its community advance into the future in partnership.

Through sustained partnerships between the University, local industries, community groups and alumni, the Hawkesbury Foundation aims to develop financial and physical support for the Hawkesbury Campus and its community.

By raising funds to support educational and regional development, the Hawkesbury Foundation supports important educational projects such as scholarships, prizes, research, teaching positions, academic programs and teaching facilities.

The Hawkesbury Foundation supports a variety of projects and programs at Western Sydney Univeristy. In order to provide financial support where it is needed the most, the following fundraising priorities have been identified.

Scholarships and Prizes

Scholarships and Prizes represent support, opportunity and growth. The Scholarships and Prizes Program acknowledges academic and personal achievements, encouraging students to strive for excellence and fulfil their potential. By funding scholarships and prizes, you are empowering students to embark on their future with a professional and innovative approach. The Hawkesbury Foundation currently administers 10 annual scholarships and five prizes. Enquiries are always welcome from potential donors interested in permanently endowing or annually funding a student scholarship or prize.

Bequests and Endowments

By establishing a bequest or endowment with the Hawkesbury Foundation, you are allowing the University to confidently plan for its future by providing a reliable source of funding. For more information about establishing a bequest or endowment, please contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni.

Hawkesbury Commemorative Walk Appeal

The Hawkesbury Commemorative Walk Appeal aims to commemorate Hawkesbury graduates and staff. All funds raised through the appeal will contribute to the Scholarships and Prizes Program, which creates opportunity and encourages our students to strive to reach their potential. You have the opportunity to support the appeal by donating $300, which will secure an engraved paver in the Stable Square Walk.

Hawkesbury Campus Promotion

In addition to its fundraising focus, the Hawkesbury Foundation is also committed to promoting the courses, research and outreach activities conducted on the Hawkesbury Campus. It does this via marketing and promotional activities, on- and off-campus functions such as student open days, events such as rural field days, and activities such as public seminars on topics of relevance to the academic profile of Hawkesbury.


Please contact Warren Potter or Brian Lindsay
T: +61 2 4570 1525