Your Gift Managed

The Foundation Council

In 2013 the Board of Trustees announced the establishment of a new Foundation Council, as a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees. In establishing the new Foundation Council, the Board acknowledges the important role of philanthropy in supporting the vision of the University. The Foundation Council is chaired by Mr Danny Gilbert, Managing Director of Gilbert and Tobin, and led by a group of business and community leaders who are passionate about the University.

Hawkesbury Foundation

The Hawkesbury Foundation is led by a group of people who have a strong connection with the Hawkesbury Campus and are passionate to see the University and its community advance into the future in partnership. They develop financial support for the Hawkesbury Campus and its community through scholarships, prizes, research, teaching positions, academic programs and teaching facilities.

The Office of Advancement and Alumni

The Office of Advancement and Alumni leads activity and strategy to develop fundraising revenue, Alumni engagement and relationships for the University. It integrates all the University activities related to fundraising – donations and sponsorship – including the activities of the University's charitable entities.

The Advancement and Alumni team ensures effective promotion of the University through development of strong and positive relationships with the benefactors, government, industry, philanthropic trusts and foundations and the community generally.