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Mustafa Ali - Bachelor of Nursing, Refugee Scholarship, 2017

'When I  first walked onto the Western campus, I felt like I was home. I have always dreamed of studying nursing and eventually medicine. Everyone has been so supportive.'

Matilda Harry - Bachelor of Arts (Path Tch Primary), Dean’s Scholars, 2017

'This scholarship has changed my life. My dream is to be become a teacher in remote NSW as I believe the biggest gift that a child can get is an education. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others learn. I couldn't believe how privileged I was to receive the education I did.'


Rebecca Ayton - Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine), 2017

'Thanks to the donors that have supported me with a scholarship, I have achieved my dream of becoming a paramedic. Despite all that has happened with my family, I have succeeded thanks to the opportunity I was given.'                                                            


Santigie Tarawally - Third Year, Bachelor of Accounting

'This scholarship has taken away all of my limitations and the barriers that would have prevented me from completing my course.'                                                                 


Christine Foote - Bachelor of Midwifery, 2017

'I was fortunate to enjoy financial support through academic achievement scholarships, without which I would have been unable to meet the demands of the clinical requirements of the midwifery program.'                                                            

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