Research Highlights

Health and Medical Research

We’re on the forefront of amazing discoveries here at Western Sydney University. We have a rapidly growing a reputation for high quality health and medical research – research on chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia; diseases that are having a diabolical impact on Australians, especially in Western Sydney.

Western Sydney University is the next major player in the health and medical research space. We are focused on ensuring that our research programs are expanded and delivered with increasing haste and scale and have a direct and measurable impact on communities near and far.

The School of Medicine was formed due to the aspirations of a community of almost two million people living in the most multicultural, complex, urban area in Australia, whose medical services and resources have consistently and significantly lagged behind the rest of Sydney.

We are a young university, we are dynamic, forward thinking and innovative.

We are dealing head-on with the unique health issues plaguing Western Sydney and we’re committed to enhancing the quality and accessibility of health care, medical training and research across the region. We pride ourselves on being socially responsive, encouraging community engagement and ensuring that future generations of doctors can empathise and communicate with their patients in a competent and professional manner.

Currently, the majority of our students intend to practice in the local area. On graduation, these locally trained, 'home grown' doctors will better understand the health challenges in the region.

Over the next ten years we will be continuing to focus on real world issues, with the promise of real time research breakthrough in the areas of:


Dementia and Age-related illness


Mental Health