Dani Gilroy Memorial Fund

The Dani Gilroy Memorial Fund

The Dani Gilroy Memorial Fund was established in memory of Dani Gilroy to perpetually fund a prize for Social Work at Western Sydney University.

Dani Gilroy

Dani Gilroy was an exceptional young woman and an excellent student, enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work. Amongst her peers Dani was known as the 'go to girl' who always made time to support others. She believed in the most beautiful qualities of people and had an incredible ability to bring out the best in her peers. Those who worked alongside Dani recall the experience as a privilege.

Dani was active in student activities on Bankstown campus and enjoyed all aspects of university life. She sought to empower others and to improve the lives and abilities of all people. She was an exceptional human rights advocate for people with a disability, which was demonstrated in her years of service in the disability services sector.

Dani passed away unexpectedly on 13 June 2011, while completing the final year of her degree. She is sadly missed by her peers, teachers, friends, workmates and family.

The Dani Gilroy Memorial Prize for Social Work

The Dani Gilroy Memorial Prize for Social Work will encourage current and future social work students to strive for social justice, while demonstrating academic excellence, wisdom, worldliness and positivity. The prize will be awarded to a Social Work student who has demonstrated a commitment to helping their peers and building and empowering community.

This award will recall and celebrate Dani's dedication to her studies and her immense contribution to campus life.

Your Gift

By giving to the Dani Gilroy Memorial Fund, you are encouraging more students to become active role models in the community whilst striving for greater social justice.

Your gift to the Dani Gilroy Memorial Fund will be invested by the University to create an endowment in perpetuity.

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