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About the Research

There are more than 2,000 species of edible mushrooms. They contain a wide range of health-promoting compounds, one of which are polysaccharides. These are not able to be digested by your gut but are prebiotics (food source) for beneficial gut bacterial such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. You gut microbiota play a vital role in gut health and changes in its population (dysbiosis) are associated with, and may also contribute to, a range of gut disorders.

Mushroom provide an excellent source of polysaccharides. This study looks at if a diet supplemented with a frozen white mushroom extract can improve bowel motion and help restore healthy gut microbiome. This study is sponsored by ViGA Global, the producers of the mushroom extract.

Screening questionnaire

Please complete the screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility to take part in this study. If you are not eligible, your response will not be saved or used in this study.


Macarthur Clinical School, Western Sydney University

Parkside Cres, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560

Adjacent to Campbelltown Public Hospital

You can download and present a Clinical Participant Parking-pass to get free parking at the Macarthur Clinical School designated parking spaces. Campbelltown Hospital and road-side parking is free.

Download Clinical Participant Parking-pass (PDF, 48KB) (opens in a new window)


You will be asked to take part in a randomised cross-over study. This means you will undertake two 4-week trials of the mushroom sorbet or a placebo. The order is randomised, both you and the investigator will not know of the order until the end of this study.


Before starting, you will be asked to provide a stool sample (self-collection kit) and blood sample (from Campbelltown Private Hospital) as the baseline. For the 4-week trial, you will be asked to consume half servings of the sorbet or placebo (7.5 mL/half a block) in the first 3 days (for your gut to get use to the polysaccharides) then a full serving every day (15 mL/full block).


During this period, you will fill out a weekly symptom survey (this will be provided to you). At the end of the first 4-week trial you will provide a blood and stool sample. There will be a 2-week “wash-out” period where you return to your normal diet before starting the second 4-week trial.

The total study will involve 3 face-to-face meetings (initial, after trial #1, after trial #2). You will be provided with a $100 gift voucher at the end of trial #1 and #2 for you time and travel costs (totalling $200). You will be emailed a copy of the study report at the conclusion of this study, summarising the effects of mushroom extracts on IBD symptoms and microbiota.

Download Patient Information Sheet (PDF, 641 KB) (opens in a new window)


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dr Jerry Zhou


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