Get ready for uni Get ready for uni

Preparing for university study

Getting ready for uni is more than choosing which course you'd like to study. The best preparation involves thinking about which direction you'd like to take after uni, the skills you'll need to be successful at uni, the practical arrangements around going to uni and then certainly learning about the unis themselves and the courses they offer.

To allow time to do this research and planning you must start your uni preparations as early as possible.

During this time you'll need to talk to people at school and uni who are available to give expert advice to students about how you personally should prepare for uni.

One way you can keep on track of your preparations for uni is to write down a plan of all the things you personally will need to do to be ready for uni. It's also a good idea to write down the name and phone number of all the people you have spoken to or emailed. When doing your internet research it is also advisable that you keep track of those websites that you found useful, or want to go back to later, in your 'favourites' file.