Prepare for University

Life at university can be challenging. It is important to understand the range of services and supports that a university can offer, and to put some thought into which of these services might help you to succeed at university.

Skills for University

You will need many skills to succeed at university. You need to:

  • understand how you learn to get the best out of your studies
  • communicate with teachers and other students
  • use a computer and other technologies
  • learn how to research, write essays and reference books
  • manage your time to ensure you can do your university work and keep on participating in other activities.

Find out more about skills for university.

Classes and Activities

There are different types of classes when you attend university and also many different social and recreational activities you can join to share your skills, learn from others and meet new friends. Find out about class types, online learning, Orientation week as well as social, recreational and cultural activities

Other Services

There are other support services to assist you while you are studying at university. Find out about support services.