Access Disability Support

Investigating disability support at university could be the most important step in making decisions about your university options. You should consider what adjustments you need to make your study journey a success,  and how you will ensure these arrangements are put into place.

The process of getting your disability support together can be long and involved. Therefore, the earlier you start to plan your disability support at university, the better.

You will find advice in this section of the website about who to talk to and how to start the process of organising the right disability supports.

Understanding Your Disability

Imagine what support, equipment and/or access features you will need at university to participate in student life. Find out about understanding your disability and resources available.

Disability Support Services

All universities have staff who are especially there to help students with disability. You may also receive support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Find out about support services at university.

Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are actions provided by the education provider to enable the student with disability to participate in education and training on the same basis as learners without disability. Access information about reasonable adjustments, inclusive technologies and resources.

Sharing Information About Your Disability

It is important to keep in mind that when you use the disability support services at university, it will involve you telling people about your disability and describing the support you believe you need. This is called disclosure. Find out about discourse - choosing your path, knowing your rights and responsibilities as well as resources available.