Career Resources

There are several websites you can check to give you some ideas on possible career paths that you may be interested in.

Try out this quiz to give you some perspective on possible career paths that you may be interested in. Click the link to see where in the workforce your skills might be best suited.

  • Careers Online (opens in a new window) - Provides career information in areas such as: resume writing, job vacancies, job guides, new apprenticeships, defence careers and quizzes to assist you to choose a career
  • The Good Career Guide (opens in a new window) - A government website that provides industry profiles and guidance for young Australians considering future career plans. Includes a quiz that will help you match your personal profile to future career directions
  • JobSearch (opens in a new window) - Find out about Australian job prospects, weekly earnings, types of work and other useful occupational information
  • Graduate Careers Australia (opens in a new window) - Information about uni graduate careers, including industry descriptions, required qualifications, and likely job prospects
  • Job Jumpstart - Department of Employment (opens in a new window) - A collection of PDF publications on job searching and career planning
  • Career Tips (opens in a new window) - An information guide, resource kit and referral source for school leavers, university students and TAFE students with disability. Also includes information for professionals supporting students with disability