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Finding a career direction

Before making any decisions about uni, you will need to think about and research which career you would eventually like to work in. Doing this investigation now will help you to make the best decisions later.

At times, when uni students or graduates start to work in their chosen career, they find the career is a bad match for them. This can be a major setback when you've already invested time, energy and money in studying a uni course, or part of one.

For you, as a student with disability, there is a bigger chance of this type of disappointment happening to you. This is because there might be some parts of an otherwise suitable career that are not very compatible with the effects of your individual disability. But you can minimise the chances of this happening to you by researching now the careers you are interested in, and the ways your disability can be accommodated, – before making your uni decisions.

Once you have narrowed down your preferred career options, next you need to find out about how to get into your preferred industry. There is always more than one way into a career. When thinking about uni it is important to know and compare each of the possible uni pathways into the field you want to work in. This will help you select the best uni option for you.

It's also a good idea to consider whether you can enter these careers using options other than uni, such as TAFE or a Traineeship/Apprenticeship. Look at whether these other ways have benefits for you personally.

You will find in this part of the website brief advice on how to get key information to help you decide which career or two interest you and how to turn this information into a focus for your uni preparations. We also give information about how disability can be accommodated in the workplace and what this might mean for you.