Before making any decisions about uni, you will need to think about and research which career you would eventually like to work in. Doing this investigation now will help you to make the best decisions later.
Once you have decided which careers interest you and you have investigated what you need to do to get into your favourite career, now it is time to think about which uni, campus and course you would most like to go to.
The best preparation involves thinking about which direction you'd like to take after uni, the skills you'll need to be successful at uni, the practical arrangements around going to uni and then certainly learning about the unis themselves and the courses they offer.


Highlight 1
You will need to plan your disability support arrangements before you start classes at uni. Find out about disability support services at uni and identify the types of support available to you.
Highlight 2
Keeping Covid-safe has meant changes to how students and staff interact and engage in the study and work environment. Find out about programs and provisions to support students and staff through these changes.