Youth Leadership Masterclass

Delivered by The Academy of Western Sydney University

What is the Youth Leadership Masterclass?

The future isn’t only about what you know; it’s about how you think.

 The Academy at Western Sydney University knows you have big ideas and we want to help you develop the skills to turn them into reality!

 This free one-day forum will empower you to think creatively and critically, and to become a flexible, adaptable and multi-level thinker; just what you need to succeed in your chosen field (whatever that may be!)

Why attend the Youth Leadership Masterclass?

During this free one day forum you will:

  • Hear from an eclectic range of speakers who have brought their ideas to life, and discover just how they found success. Inspiring yet grounded, these speakers will not only encourage you to dream big, but also help you tackle your passion in a practical way so you can achieve real results. 
  • Join Western Sydney University Experts and be challenged to construct your action plan to create change within the community. 
  • Break-out workshops for students to choose from; Gender Equality, Social Media & Wellbeing, Sustainability, Social Enterprise: Start some good, Our Climate, Our Future.
  • Learn how to put your plans into action. We’ll teach you the skills you need to take your passion and turn it into a plan that can help change the world.
  • Network with like-minded young leaders.

Who is invited to the Leadership Masterclass?

The Leadership Masterclass is designed for students in years 10-12 who demonstrate leadership potential.

If you have any questions, please email